Readers' Book Club

Reading is essentially a creative process. A good book provides a framework for the development of the reader's own creativity. Now, the internet provides us with a golden tool, an effortless opportunity to share one's views and ideas and interact with other readers, and often also, the respective authors. Thus books can more efficiently fulfill their roles as bridges between different individuals and cultures. Developing your reading, analytical and communication skills will benefit you in more ways than one.

Our book club has been successfully running since 2001.
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 - A carefully selected book every month. Selections will be intellectually stimulating works (fiction and non-fiction)

-With each selection of the month, we try to publish an accompanying file with information on the book, its author and his/her other work in general.

- An opportunity, if you wish, to discuss the selected book with other members of Readers' Club as well as others online. Open discussion will be in both English and Arabic.

- Arab world books will endeavor to include the book's author in the discussion.

- At this stage, selections are in Arabic.