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My Name is Baghdad / Je m'apelle Baghdad video clip of a song by Tina Arena
Sectarianism was never on the agenda: the Iraqi Uprising against the Portsmouth Treaty Alaadin Al-Araji
  in Arabic
Will the Rocks of Iraq shatter the Empire's Vessel? Alaadin Al-Araji
  in Arabic
The Owners Of War By Judith Moriarty 

The re-declared War on Terror Noam Chomsky 
A Tale of Two Wars  By Lewis M. Simons
Expensive Favor by Charley Reese

The Gates of Hell are Open in Iraq Jawad al-Khalisi
US does eliminate those who dare to count the dead 
Naomi Klein's response to US ambassador  
The Unwinnable War By James Carroll

Can't Blair See that Iraq is about to explode? Can't Bush? By Robert Fisk in Baghdad
Islamic Democrats Charley Reese
Victims Turning Perpetrators  George Soros

War Crimes in Iraq
Torture in Abu Ghraib Prison   Seymour Hersh 
A profound racism infects the US and British establishments Ahdaf Soueif
Naked  A poem by Mike Odetalla
An Illegal and Immoral War  ROBERT FISK
Who was in charge? Who are the mysterious private contractors in Iraq?

Blair's Mass Deception By John Pilger
Send Saddam to The Hague!  Uri Avnery
Preventive War the 'Supreme Crime"  Noam Chomsky
Wounded, Weary and Disappeared  Bill Berkowitz
The War on Truth  John Pilger
Traces of Poison  by Salman Abu-Sitta
Weapons of Mass Distortion    by Geoffrey Wheatcroft
America is not a  Role Model  by Gideon Levy
Warmonger explains war to Peacenik 
humor from the internet by Bill Davidson

US Diplomat's Letter of Resignation to Colin Powell
Focus on Iraq: Powell's UN speech dissected
by Ali Abunimah
You wanted to believe him  but it was like something out of Beckett
by Robert Fisk
This looming war isn't about chemical warheads or human  rights: it's about oil
by Robert Fisk 
An Outside Chance For Peace  by Charley Reese


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