Mohamed Abdelwahab

Mohamed Abdelwahab - Egyptian ComposerMohamed Abdel Wahab born in 1897 had a very long career in the music world as a singer and music writer. He also acted in few movies in his early days which to date are still enjoyed by many Egyptians and considered part of our memories for many of us. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, as a music writer, developed a certain taste among Egyptians for nothing, but the best, simply because his music was always the best. As a master in his field, he wrote very popular songs for other famous artists, such as Um Kulthoum, Abdel Halim Hafez and more. Mohamed Abdel Wahab died in 1990.

As a singer and an influence on Egyptian music during its renaissance, Abdel Wahab was equaled only by Umm Kulthum. But while she was a traditionalist to the core, Abdel Wahab believed in learning from Western music. Yet he too was a musical nationalist, renewing rather than diluting Egyptian tradition. Starting from a highly traditional sound as a teenager, he gradually moved into a highly varied (and internationally popular) film-based repertoire. But besides contributing to the pop world, he introduced more fundamental elements, such as long instrumental passages, a major element in his work.

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