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Trump and the Palestinian State  Fadi Elhusseini

Gaza Under Fire Againgaza
Rabbi Brant Rosen - Statement by the JVP Rabbinical Council
Father Peter Bray Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University Gaza Appeal
Gaza Diary daily personal account of horrors inflicted on Gazans
A legal and moral case for Hamas rocket fire Jonathan Cook
Dr Mads Gilbert Doctor in Gaza from Norway Exposes & Slams Israel America & UK video interview
Nine things about Israel and Palestine you don't see in Amercian media Alastair Sloane
Israel's Protectice Edge: Why Now? Fadi Elhusseini

Palestine, Israel and the Jewish State Fadi Elhusseini
The New State of Palestine Fadi Elhusseini

Call For Peace and Juctice in the Holy Land Bishop Pat Power
christmas in bethlehemEthnic cleansing of invented people  Miko Peled
A Flag-Waving Black American L. Janelle Dance
The Other Day: A Palestinian Feel poem by Dr. Bernard Sabella
Kill a Turk and Rest Uri Avnery
Poems are not Poems poem by Ghassan Hage
The price of Israel's siege of Gaza video
Gaza in Plain Language video by Anthony Lawson and Joe Mowry
Marwan Barghouthi: Israel is no peace partner
Mahmoud Abbas' chronic submissiveness by Amira Hass
Racists for Democracy Uri Avnery
The Death of Many Birthdays Janelle Dance
A Review of Seven Jewish Children - A Play for Gaza

Gaza Under Fire
Worth a 1000 words boy and mom

Also find on our Debate Corner:
Letters from Gaza by Professor Abdelwahed
Articles and poetry in Arabic by Sameh Odeh, Ahmad Alqasem, Jassim Arraseef, Abdallah Alaqzam and Sobhi ghandour.
Articles in English by Deb Reich, Tariq Ali, Neve Gordon, Jeff Halper, and Ramzy Baroud.

Let's hope Obama won't be a 'friend of Israel' Gideon Levy
An Israeli Jew in Gaza Jeff Halper
Huffs and Puffs from Gaza Professor Said Abdelwahed

Gaza Holocaust
Good Morning, Hamas Uri Avnery
Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza: Disturbing Parallels Steve Hutcheson
Jews and the Gaza Holocaust Khalid Amayreh

Rice Compares Israeli Occupation to Infamous US Segregation Lenni Brenner
Including Related Articles:
The Iron Wall (We and the Arabs) 1923 article by Vladimir Jabotinsky
What's the hurry? Aluf Benn and Shmuel Rosner

What they said and didn’t say at Annapolis Sonia Karkar
90th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration Mazin Qumsiyeh 

June 2007: Gaza and the West Bank
Hamas' Shock and Awe  Sam Bahour
Gaza Today  Ilan Pappe
Steady Course to Apartheid Jeff Halper
Shoot a Bullet by Palestinian Poet Talaat Shaibat     in Arabic
It's no longer you by Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish    in Arabic

Two-States or One State  the Avnery-Pappe Debate
Farewell Tanya, Palestine has Lost a Friend   Joharah Baker   

The Silent Transfer

Silent Transfer Continues  Letter from Sam Bahour
Can you really not see?  Amira Hass

Gaza Bombing
When will Israel learn? Rifat Odeh Kassis
Starving in the Dark By Virginia Tilley

Life on the Other Side of Palestine - Crime in the Valley by Nick Dearden

Israeli Elections
The New York Times Covers Up Discrimination against Palestinian Citizens of Israel  Patrick O'Connor
A Just Peace or No Peace Ismail Haniyeh

Rachel Corrie
The lonesome death of Rachel Corrie mP3 download by Billy Bragg

Hamas Victory    
As the Hamas team laughs Gideon Levy
New Paradigm After the Victory of Hamas Sam Bahour
We will not sell our people or principles for foreign aid Khalid Mish'al

The facade of peace  Amira Hass 

Gaza Disengagement
The withdrawal from Gaza never had to happen Rabbi Michael Lerner
The Shame of It All Jennifer Loewenstein

Australian Radio Interview with Uri Davis author of Apartheid Israel

What Indians And Palestinians Share By Justine Mccabe

Easter 2005
From Jerusalem to the World  Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Diocese of Jerusalem, The Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the MiddleEast and bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Open Letter on the Status of Jerusalem  World Council of Churches.
What benefit or joy if... Poems by Mike Odetalla and Micki Longum.


“J’ACCUSE” Won't work anymore

Elections without Democracy By Sam Bahour and Prof. Todd May 
Al-mahsum, mahsom, checkpoint  By Yitzhak Laor 

Settler's Bust by Michael Dahan
The Emerging Case for a Single State in Palestine By Todd May
The two sisters from Acre By Tamim al-Barghouti
Can Palestinians Ever Escape the Israeli, US Wrath?   Ramzy Baroud
And then there was one  Gideon Levy

Yassin's assasination - A Christian and A Jewish perspective: 

The Helicopter to Hell and the Wheel Chair to Heaven  poem by Raja Chemayel
Justice and the Yassin Assassination  Professor Tanya Reinhart  

A Wall as a Weapon  Noam Chomsky   
Read article in Arabic     
translated by Dr.Hamza Al-Mozainy  
What does Sharon's latest settlement move mean for Israel?  Ali Abunimah and Hussein Ibish
Palestinian Resistance: Legitimate Right and Moral Duty  Samah Jabr  
Sharon Plan May Turn Out Like Lebanon Adventure   Uri Avnery 
The Waiting Game Ahdaf Soueif      
Security and Silence by Samah Jabr
A Failed Israeli Society is Collapsing  Avraham Burg  
Loss of a Native Land   Hicham Safieddin    
How they spent their summer vacation by Gideon Levy     
Wall makes Palestinian farmers refugees on their own land  Justin Huggle
Left anti-Semitism and the special status of Israel    by professor Joel Kovel
Naked poem by Mike Odetalla

OMEN   by Israel Shamir  
In a twist of nomenclature that would seem implausible in fiction, a craft carrying Col. Ilan Ramon of the Israeli Air Force apparently broke up over an East Texas town called Palestine.
NYT, 2/2/03

Christmas  2002

Christmas in Bethlehem by Neve Gordon    
Christmas Message  Latin Partiarch Michel Sabbah  
A Christian in the Holy Land Newseek interview with Michel Sabbah  

Israelis & Palestinians. What Went Wrong?  by Amos Elon  
Univited Guests become Neighbors  by Sam Bahour   
Letter to President Bush  by Turki al Hamad Translated by Ramsis Amun 
Christians of the world should be ashamed  by Father Labib Kobti 
Something Stinks by Uri Avnery  
Friends of Israel must demand withdrawal  by Scott Laderman   
Just Get Out! by Gabriel Ash
Israel's State Terrorism  by Lev Grinberg  
Let There be Justice for all Mr. Bush by Lord Ian Gilmour  
Another Shot in the Foot   by Charley Reese  
Do Something (open letter to Tony Blair)  By Ahdaf Soueif  
When History Repeats itself Again and Again   by Sam Bahour and Michael Dahan
We can Never Lose
  by Samah Jabr   
Want Security? End the Occupation   by Marwan Barghouti
Just as Bush Was Approaching, Arafat Drove Him Away   by Henri Siegman    
Goodbye Occupation, Hello Fear  by Samah Jabr
The Arrogance of Occupation
Article by Lev Grinberg followed by comments by Nizar Sakhnini

Evil Unleashed
  By Professor Tanya Reinhart
It is the Occupation 
   by Sam Bahour and Michael Dahan
Plain Truths   by Sam Bahour
Occupation is Occupation is Occupation 
    by Sam Bahour
Mideast peace process dead
   by Charley Reese
A must read.
Reese compares Palestinians to rape victims.
Says key to peace in the Middle East is in Washington, not Jerusalem.
Kosher Cheese    a cartoon
To Understand Palestinian Rage  by Eduardo Cohen
What Americans need to Know - but probably won't be told 
The Second Half Of 48- The SHARON-YA'ALON Plan
By Professor Tanya Reinhart
... after 30 years of occupation, the two options competing in the Israeli power system are precisely the same as those set by the generation of 1948: Apartheid (the Alon- Oslo plan), or transfer - mass evacuation of the Palestinian residents, as happened in 1948 (the Sharon plan).
Handwriting on the Wall    by Israel Shamir
These are the darkest days for the people of Israel.
Our Jewish tanks are on foreign soil. Our Jewish army murders civilians, demolishes houses, starves millions and imposes sieges on Palestinian
Middle East diplomacy: time to pull the plug by Tariq Shadid
saying that the Oslo plan has failed to succeed would unjustly imply that it ever had a chance of succeeding.
More than 50 years of Injustice  Nader Abuljebain

Musical Intifada International Artists sing for Palestine  
We Shoot Children Too, Don't We    Poem by Dan Almagor

In Arabic
The Palestinian is not a Cyclops   by Ezzat Kamhawi
read same article in english   translated by Somaya Ramadan 

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