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In April members of our Readers Club received 

Tales of the Parrot
Zia al-din Nakhsabi's Persian Tuti Namah translated and adapted into arabic by Abdelwahab Aloub.

A collection of stories originally written in Sanskrit. The stories are
narrated to a woman by her pet parrot, at the rate of one story every night, in order to dissuade her from going out to meet her
lover when her husband is away..

Not subscribed to the readers club?
You can still order it during April

You can still order it during April
special offer $6.00
Special price in LE for addresses inside Egypt. 

For readers in English , the Tuti Namah text is available.

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Further reading

Tales of the Parrot  Nabil Soliman
Shuka Saptati  a history of the stories
The Parrot in the Tuti Namah


Tales of the Parrot

Tales of the Parrot

Tuti Namah


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