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We have been in the press and media and we would like to share this with you because you are an essential part of it.
If you ever read or hear about us anywhere, please let us know so that we can add it here.

5 March 2013 Mona Namoury writes on the occasion of 15th anniversary
October 2009 Alexandria Digital Conference Special Event

2 February 2009 Nile Culture News interview

28 January 2009 six o'clock news - Channel One

30 April 2008 an evening of poetry in Australia to celebrate our tenth anniversary

26 April 2008: Middleast Online

April 12 2008: The Guardian Review
Arab world books is included in a cover feature celebrating Arabic literature marking the Arabic focus of London Book Fair 2008.

March 2008: al-Ahram feature

June 2007:
Hilal Magazine feature.

April 2007: The club and its activities are featured on BBC Arabic Radio.

November 2005
Amani Amin gives a presentation at the Australian Museum in Canberra entitled : "Arab World Books a Journey into Arab Culture".  It was one of a series of eight talks organised by the Women's International Club on the topic "Insight into Arab Culture". The Arab World Books presentation was rated the most popular and interesting of the eight by members of the WIC.

Interview on Elaph: Amani Amin talks about Building Bridges between different cultures. Elaph's Salwa Lubani interviews Arab World Books' founder and manager who talks about the club's history,aims and achievements.

July 2005  Elaph Cultural Magazine . Article by Salwa Lubani covering general services and activities of Arab World Books with an emphasis on our Readers' Club July selection - Ahlam Mustaghanmi's Memory in the Flesh.

January 2004
Amani Amin participated in a discussion panel at the Cairo Book Fair. She presented the online experience of Hatchepsut the woman Pharaoh, a book authored by Dr. Fawzia Assaad.

March 19 2003  - Channel 5  News Alexandria TV  
The Cultural Development Fund invited Dr. Amani Amin founder and manager of to be the speaker in a seminar on which was held on March 18 at 7 pm at the Alexandria Center for Creativity. An online presentation of the site and its activities took place.

March 8 2003 - middle east online website

February 2003 - Sawt el-Umma - Egypt

January 2003 - Sawt el-Umma - Egypt

April 2002 diplomat magazine - Egypt

January 2002  - el-watan el-'Arabi magazine
If you have this issue please send us a copy of the article

16 January 2002
Nisf el-Donia magazine - Egypt

2 December 2001
Akhbar el-Adab issue 438 writes that is the best site on the net for Naguib Mahfouz in a special issue commemorating Mahfouz's 90th birthday. 

June 28 2001
el-Riyyad Newspaper - Saudi Arabia

May 27 2001   
Akhbar el-Adab issue #411 page 2

May 13 2001  
Akhbar el-Adab Literary Magazine - Egypt

March 10 2001    
Riyad Newspaper Site - Saudi Arabia

16 January 2001
Interview with Amani Amin on Radio 2 Cairo

October 2000 el-Shebab Magazine

July 2000  Ahwal el-Maarefa  -Saudi Arabia

Monday 19 June 2000 
Interview with Amani Amin on Swiss Radio International

June 11, 2000 
Al-Ayam  Newspaper - Bahrain
Our author member Nihad Sirees elaborates on his experience with the internet as a writer

13 May 2000 
el-Missa weekly paper - Egypt

March 2000 
Akhbar el-Adab Literary Magazine - Egypt

21March 2000 
el-Riyyad Newspaper - Saudi Arabia

13 February 2000 
Akhbar el-Adab Literary Magazine - Egypt

10 October 1999 
Akhbar el-Adab Literary Magazine - Egypt