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Egyptology is the study of the culture, language, art and literature of the ancient Egyptians. Modern Egyptology started in 1799 with the advent of Napoleon Bonaparte, who not only brought his army, but also a team of scholars. These scholars copied down inscriptions and sketched the various monuments, motivating many Europeans to study ancient Egypt. However, the world's study of Egyptology was limited until the deciphering of the Rosetta Stone, which was discovered in 1799 by Napoleon's soldiers.

Dr. Sameh ArabArticles by Dr. Sameh Arab
Heb Sed: Renewal of the kings' Reign
Ramses The Pharaoh Who Made The First Peace Treaty In History
Egypt's First Revolution
Bibliotheca Alexandrina

What did Akhnaton suffer from?
An exploration into a 3300 year old medical mystery

Medicine in Ancient Egypt Part 1 of 3
Medicine in Ancient Egypt Part 2 of 3
Medicine in Ancient Egypt Part 3 of 3

Articles by Menna el-Dorry

Mummification in Modern Times
Mummy in One Hand Crocodile in Another
Ramses II gets new home  
Jewels of Honour
Wine Making in Ancient Egypt
The Mummy in movies
Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Language

Other Articles:
The celestial science of the ancient Egyptians by James Bowles


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