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source little horus:


  • Born on June 10,1917 in a modest household in the popular district of Sayyeda Zeinab in Cairo, where he spent his childhood. He took from his father, where was a creative writer a craving for literature and writing. His literary talent was conspicuous at a newly stage of his life.
  • As still a secondary school student, he published his first short story in "Megallati" magazine, followed by contributions to Al- Imam and as a magazines beside his literary interest, he was also involved in sport activities, where he headed at his school Hockey team.
  • Siba’ie graduated in the Military Academy in 1937. Since then he took up several military positives including teaching at the Military Academy. In 1952, he was represented director of the Military Museum.
  • After retiring military service he took up the following positions:
    - In 1959, Secretary - General of the Supreme Court For Arts and Letters and Secretary -General of the Afro- Asian Solidarity Conference.
    - In 1965, Editor - in Chief, Akhar Sa’ah magazine, the chairman of the Board of Directors, Dar Al  Hilal House (1971).
    - In 1973 (March) Minister of Culture.
    - In 1976, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Al - Ahram press Organization.
    - In 1977, elected Head of Egyptian Press Syndicate.
  • Since 1951, as - Siba’ie has played an effective role in literary life. Starting with his endeavors, together with reputed novelist / journalist Ihsan Abdel- Qoddous to found the novelists club, "Men of letters" Association and later Arab Writers Union.
  • Under his supervision, several magazines were founded including : Al- Odaba’ Al-Arab (Arab Men of Letters), Al-Risala Al -Gadida (New Risala "Message"), Al- Qissa (Novel)
  • Al - Siba’ie’s creative works reveals his deep preoccupation with the necessity of revolutions against the deteriorating conditions prevalent at his time in search for a better future he mostly picked up his characters from the deprived and down- Trodden segments of the society to reflect such conditions.

Most important of his novels are:

Tears Gone, I’m Leaving, My Heart Restored, Life Time is Only a Moment, Land of Hypocrisy, Behind The Curtain, Road of Return, A Smile on his Lips.

His favorite was "You’re not Alone" which best reflected his view points in various problems.


  • Order of Merit of the first class, United Arab Republic 1962.
  • Order of Merit of the Grand Knight class, Italian Republic, 1963.
  • Order of the Republic, Arab Republic of Egypt, 1975.
  • He was awarded the "Necklace of the Republic" on the very date of his martyrdom, February 18,1978.

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