Sallama Shaker


Sallama Shaker
Ambassador Sallama Shaker was the first appointed woman Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Americas in the history of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Cultural, Educational Relations, Technical Cooperation, and Dialogue for Egypt in September of 2004. For four years prior to that, she was Egypt’s ambassador to Canada. In addition to her current post, she has held several positions within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including Deputy Minister for North and Latin America, Advisor to the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs on Egyptian/American Relations and NATO, First Secretary at the office of the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, and attaché at the Soviet Desk within the ministry. From 1985-1990, Dr. Shaker served as the Consul General at the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, D.C. She has also served as Economic and Political Counselor at the Embassy in Turkey, as well as Cultural and Political attaché at the Embassy of Egypt in Malta. Dr. Shaker began her education at the American College for Girls in Cairo, Egypt. She went on to earn her B.Sc. in Political Economy at Cairo University. She holds two Masters Degrees in Political Economy and Economics, from Johns Hopkins University and the London School of Economics/Malta University respectively. In 1993 she received her Ph.D. in International Development from American University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Shaker was a Senior Associate at the Woodrow Wilson Center from 1992-1994, where she did research on the impact of the first Gulf War on the economies of Egypt and Turkey.

Dr. Shaker was a visiting professor at Claremont Graduate University and is currently teaching at Yale University. Throughout her career she has been active on women’s rights in the Islamic world. In 2008 she was the organizer of a conference held at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt on Challenges facing Arab Women in the 21st Century. She authored a research on the role of NGOs in
Eradicating Poverty and overcoming Feminization of Poverty which was published by the International Fund for Agricultural Development. Dr. Shaker is embarking on another major work to find new approaches that can define empowerment and how to break the frames of Oriental myth that women are less than men.


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