Salama Ahmed Salama
سلامة أحمد سلامة

Salama Ahmed Salama's book “Journalism on a Hot Tin Roof” was our book club selection for March 2010.

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salama ahmad salama

A distinguished journalist and author, highly respected by both the Egyptian and international press for his editorial independence, non-partisanship and the strength of his authorial voice. Salama Ahmed Salama graduated from the University of Cairo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1954, earning an MA in Journalism and Media from the University of Minnesotra in 1967 and cut his teeth in journalism working for the ‘Christian Science Monitor’ newspaper in Boston. For some 22 years he served as deputy editor on the Egyptian daily newspaper ‘Al-Ahram’ and his ‘Up Close’ column was reportedly the most widely read column by an Arabic writer, he remains one of their most senior and well-respected political commentators. From 1999-2008 Salama also served as editor of the magazine ‘Weghat Nazar’ and is currently Chairman of the Editorial board of the daily newspaper, ‘El-Shorouk’.

In the course of his career, Salama has covered the major international and Arab summits and conferences, including the meetings of the UN’s General Assembly as well as the US Presidential Elections. He has interviewed Heads of State and leading politicians and is a specialist in German affairs. He is an important contributor to the Arab-European dialogue on media reporting and has actively participated in international conferences on press freedom.

Author of a number of non-fiction books that have joined the Arab literary cannon, Salama’s most recent work is ‘Journalism on a Hot Tin Roof’, as well as ‘Grey Areas’ and ‘the New Middle East’.
A contemporary Arab media pioneer and founder of the Charter School, committed to a media code of ethics, Salama has emerged as one of the most important independently editorial voices for the region, setting the bench-mark for his industry and the wider press within the Mi
ddle East.