Mona Prince
منى برنس

Mona Prince
The writer's memoir about Egypt’s 25 January revolution entitled Ismi Thawra "Revolution is My Name" was our Readers' book club selection for December 2012.
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Mona Prince is a fiction writer, translator, a poetess, and an activist. Her literary work includes Three Suitcases for Departure, The Last Piece of Clay, and So You May See. Her novel So You May See- which first appeared in Arabic in 2008 - has been translated into English and published by the AUC Press in 2011. She has recenty completed a memoir about Egypt’s revolution entitled Ismi Thawra (Revolution is My Name) expected to appear in English translation in 2013.

Prince is a graduate of Ain Shams University’s Faculty of Arts in 1991. She earned a Ph.D. in English Literature from the same university and is currently an associate professor of English at Suez Canal University.

In 2012, she nominated herself for the Egyptian presidency. She never expected to win or to collect the required 30,000 signatures, but she insisted on going through the process. She announced her campaign on Facebook, saying her nomination springs from a belief that the future should not be shaped by people above the age of retirement.

The English literature professor said the youth should play a role in developing society, particularly since they represent the majority of the population, are better aware of their problems and more capable of finding novel solutions.