Mohamed El-Bisatie




Born November 1937 in el-Gamalia, Dakahlia bordering Lake Manzalah.. A graduate of Cairo University, School of Commerce in 1960, he has worked for the government until he retired recently as an accountancy inspector.

He started writing in 1962 and published many stories in al-Masa’, al-Katib,al-Majalla, Rose el-Youssef. Among those were Ibtissamat al-Madina al-Ramadiyya, Mughamarat Hamza and Hadith min al-Tabik al-Thalith. The latter was first published in al-Masa’ on 14 August 1966.

El-Bisatie is one of the group of writers known as "Gallery 68" writers. “Gallery 68 is an avant-garde literary magazine which was the brainchild of a core group of about 10 writers and artists, but in practice it embraced a wider circle of intellectuals, with over 60 writers, poets ,artists and critics publishing in its eight issues.

A selection of his works are:

Short Story Collections

His first collection "alkibar wa al-sighar" was published in 1967 – Dar el-Kitab el-Arabi

Hadith min al-Tabik al-Thalith wa kissas ukhra – 1970- G.E.B.O.

Ahlam Rijal Kissar al-‘Umr – in 1979 and 1984- G.E.B.O.

Hatha ma Kan – Cairo G.E.B.O. 1988

The above four collections have been published by G.E.B.O. together in Volume 2 of the Complete Works by Bisatie.

Munhana al-Nahr - Cairo G.E.B.O. 1992 – Mukhtarat Fussul series

Daw’ Da ‘if la Yakshuf Shya’an – Dar Sharkiyyat 1993

Sa’at Maghreb – Dar el-Hilal 1996


Al-Tajir wa-l-Naqqash - Dar al-Thakafa al-Gadida 1976

Al-Maqha al-Zujaji - Dar ibn Rushd 1979

Al-Ayyam al-Sa’aba - Dar ibn Rushd 1979

The above three novels were published by G.E.B.O. in Volume 1 of the Complete Works of Bisatie

Beyout Wara’ al-Ashgar first published Dar el-Hilal 1993

                                 by G.E.B.O.1999

                                 Dar el-Adab Beirut 2000

Sakhb al-Buhaira  first published Dar Sharkiyyat 1994

                         Thakafa Gamahiriyya 1997


                          Dar el-Maghreby, Tunis 1999

Aswat el-Leil - Dar el-Hilal 1998

Wa Ya’ati al-Kitar - G.E.B.O.1999

Layal Ukhra - Dar el-Adab Beirut 2000

Fardous - Merit Publishing 2003


A Last glass of Tea & other stories Translated into English by Denys Johnson-Davies (Colorado Springs; three Continents Press, 1995)

A House Behind Trees  Beyout Wara’ al-Ashgar Translated by Denys Johnson-Davies into English ( University of Texas Press)
Also translated into Italian by Blanca Longhi (Sperling-Kupfer)
Into French by Edwige Lambert ( Actes Sud)

Sakhb al-Buhaira translated into French by Edwige Lambert

Al-Tajir wa-l-Naqqash translated into Spanish ( Al-Kalima)

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