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 Mohamad Said Maani Takrouri was born in Damascus, Syria on : May 16, 1946.
A graduate of the
Medical school at Alexandria University in 1970, he obtained a Fellowship of the Faculty of Anesthesiologists of the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland in May 1978.
He is currently a Consultant and Professor of Anesthesia in King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
Takrouri has authored many medical as well as literary books in several languages.

He contributed in Arabic the following books 


- Principle of first Aid Authors Walid Al Maani, Hassan Al Malkawi and Mohamad Takrouri. Dar Ammar Amman Jordan 1st edition 1985, second Edition 1986. 3rd Edition 1994
- Obstetric anesthesia and Analgesia Dar Ammar Amman Jordan 1983. Author Mohamad Takrouri
- Seminar on emergency Medicne. Jordan Publication House Amman Jordan 1985 Mohamad Takrouri and Hisham al Nazer
- Anesthesia essays and resarches 1985-1989 Jordan Publishing House Amman Jordan Mohamad Takrouri


- Our Town is waking (Play) 1987 Dar Ammar Amman Jordan
- Al Nourah (Novel) 1988 Dar Al Hassan Amman Jordan 

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