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قواميس ناطقة




Our Special Events cover important issues related to our theme.
All are open for discussion at the Debate Corner  

The Debate Corner is a forum to post opinions and meet other members.

The Ordeal of Professor Mona Prince
Egyptian writer and university professor accused of contempt of religion by a number of her students after a lecture in April

Arab World Books Fifteenth Anniversary 1998 - 2013
A Selection of Fifteenth Anniversary member messages
Mona Namoury writes on the occasion:
الوطن فى موقع إفتراضى

The Tentmakers of Chareh ElKhiamiah
Australian Filmmaker in Cairo launches campaign to fund documentary film about textiles workers effected by the 25 January Revolution

The Sound of Freedom is calling
صوت الحرية بينادي في كل شارع في بلادي
 ملف خاص عن ثورة 25 يناير

Stay Strong Egypt… United We Stand

تحيا مصر .. كلنا يد واحدة
تحية تقدير وإجلال لشهدائنا ولشبابنا ولشعب مصر
تحية إجلال لكل من أنعش مصر بقبلة الحياة

The Bombing of the Two Saints Church in Alexandria
مذبحة كنيسة القديسين
أنا مصري قبل كل شئ


Algeria vs. Egypt .. can reason prevail?
مصر والجزائر ... صوت العقل ونموذج الشاب خالد ومحمد منير
ملف خاص بالفيديو لحفل محمد منير والشاب خالد مع مقالات وتعليقات الأعضاء

Alexandria Digital Culture Conference
مؤتمر الاسكندرية للثقافة الرقمية

Arab World Books Tenth Anniversary 1998 - 2008 celebrates its tenth anniversary. 
Browse in English        Browse in Arabic

Farewell Naguib Mahfouz
Palace Walk: Naguib Mahfouz in Canberra  report from Amani Amin
Uncle Naguib: Rest in Peace Fatma Naoot
Cultural Tolerance in Mahfouz's Life and Dreams Mohamed Sameer
Poem by el-Sayed Abdelrazek
Mahfouz and the Seventh Heaven  Afaf Abdelmoati
Mahfouz is the memory of the Egyptian alley report by Salwa Lubani

Frankfurt Book Fair 2004  in Arabic and in English

The Arab world is Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2004. 22 members of the League of Arab States will present themselves with a diverse literary and cultural programme. 

March 2003
Egypt's Siwa Oasis - A Special Report

Special coverage includes the history of the oasis, Alexander the Great's trip to the region and the Ecolodge of Siwa.
January 2002
Discussion with Karen Armstrong on Islam in Washington 
Introduction by Abderahman Salah Minister for Political and Congressional Affairs embassy of Egypt.
October 2001
What is a Just Peace?  Round Table in Geneva
Geneva University - October 29 - 30  2001
moderated by Professor Pierre Alan - with Yossi Beilin, Stanley Hoffman, Edward Said, David Little and Adam Roberts.
For the first time in Geneva University five world- renowned experts on international relations debate in an open discussion with the public.
Report in Arabic by Karim Refaat
March 2000: Five articles opened for debate
By Tarek Heggy

1) Civilized Debate Versus Fascist Intimidation
Read it in arabic                    Read it in English
New comment on article by Hamdy el-Batran

2) Technological Advancement Prerequisites -Wealth or Management?
Read it in arabic                    Read it in English

Wael Fawzi writes on The New Personal Status Law and Divorce on Demand  
3)    Article 1    In arabic         4)   Article 2   In arabic   

5)   Jordanian Kawthar Saad el-Deen writes on
  The Crimes of Honor     In arabic

December 1998 Launch of our Debate Corner with:
Islamic Perspectives on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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