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  Arab World Books' Tenth Anniversary at the Supreme Council for Culture in Cairo
News coverage from our Tenth anniversary awards ceremony: photos, video and magazines.
Details in Arabic
Details in English

Two critiques of extremist fatwas
Altajdeed Cultural and Social Society

Rabha Zeera in Arabic
Jalal Alqassab in Arabic

Palestine Literature Festival
The Palestine literature festival was an enlightening experience - but not always for the right reasons Ahdaf Soueif

Hebron is a ghost town where joggers carry automatic rifles  Ian Jack

An evening of poetry in Australia to celebrate our tenth anniversary

One thousand and one delights London Book Fair Guardian Review feature

Mohamed Ashry and the Desert Islam Shamsedin talks to the author
Emirati Cinema  Omar el-Fatehi talks to Emirati film Director Mohamed Salmeen in Arabic
  Mohamed Said Raihani interviews Danish poet Niels Hav
  Tawfik Tongi meets with Hakim Nadim Dawdi in Arabic
  Psychiatrist Khalil Fadel: Men are villains until proven otherwise in Arabic
  Sudanese Poetry featured in Mexico
  The Decline of the Role of Writers is a Disaster Gamil Ateyya in an interview with Salwa Lubani
  Alshahawi's "Commandments" rouse clerics' ire by Amr Emam
  Art of resistance Ahdaf Soueif on how Palestinians are reaching out across the globe creatively
  Je suis malade d'espoir by Mahmoud Darwich in French
  Literary Work as an Economic Project an interview with Mohamed Tawfik in Arabic
  The Danish Cartoons Controversy?
Cartoon awakening Ramzy Baroud.
Don't be fooled, this isn't an issue of Islam versus secularism by Robert Fisk
Statement by N A B A The National Association of British Arabs.
  Interview with Musa Hawamdeh Tawfik Abed.
Interview on Elaph: Amani Amin talks about Building Bridges between different cultures   in Arabic
Elaph's Salwa Lubani interviews Arab World Books' founder and manager who talks about the club's history,aims and achievements.
  Europe's silent revolution  
  H.H.Pope Shenouda III: Islamic Christian dialogue   in Arabic
  My Novel is a Eulogy for Love and a Condemnation for Saddam's regime  in Arabic
interview with Nemat el-Behairy 
Said Salem in Meriam's Palm book review by Salah Fadl in Arabic
Ahmed Halawani in his Diwan book review by Hala Shiha in Arabic
Book Reviews on Mohamed Tawfik's novel  in Arabic
A year of novels  Magda el-Guindi Al-Ahram Newspaper 

When Reality is Transformed into a Circus of Acrobatics, Magic and the Supernatural  Fathi Aburafia - Alquds Newspaper 
Laila fi Hayat Abdeltawwab Tutu  Ahmad Alkhamisi - Akhbar al-adab 
A Christian in the Holy Land  Interview with Michel Sabbah
Book Reviews on Alaa el-Aswani's novel  
A House Falls Apart  by Amira el-Bendary
Alaa el-Aswani, New Talent  by Ragaa el-Nakash 
in Arabic 
Outside Chance for Peace    Charley Reese
Miral el-Tahawy - Unveiling the Lives of Egypt's Bedouin Women
Washington Post
Guided Allegations and Drowning in Errors   by Hussein Charkawi
In arabic
Back to the 19th century    Al-Sayed Yassin   
From Rifaa al-tahtawi to Fred Halliday   in Arabic 
Abdel-Tawwab Youssef- An Older child  by Youssef Rakha
Palm on the Brink  in Arabic
A Gamil Ateya novel to be published soon 
Ahmed Shablool - Compelling Poetic Voices
in Arabic
By Farouk Shousha from Al-Ahram Newspaper
On Ahmed el-Shahawi's Ahwal el-'Ashek  in Arabic
Book Review from el-'Arabi Newspaper
Book Reviews on Sonallah Ibrahim's novel Warda
Chronicle of the Political and the Personal  Amir Bibawy
in English 
Warda   By Mostafa Abdelghani  
in Arabic
Sonallah's  Warda  From Bayan elThakafa  
in Arabic 
Aunt Safiyya receives Cerbi award    from Arabia online
in Arabic
To Reach the Waterfall
Review by Youssef Rakha on Bahaa Taher's book I went to a Waterfall
All we need is Love  
Article by Youssef Rakha on Bahaa Taher's book Point of Light
When the professor can't teach
In 1995, a Cairo Appeals Court ruled that Abu Zeid, then a professor of Arabic literature, should be separated from his wife on the grounds that his writings included opinions that make him an apostate.
Interview in al-ahram weekly
Exhibition of the Wissa Wassef Art Center

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