Digital Culture Conference

Alexandria Digital Culture Conference 27-29 October 2009

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أحمد شبلول رئيس مؤتمر الاسكندرية الاول للثقافة الرقمية شهادات وتجارب مؤتمر الثقافة الرقمية جولات فى السينما والمسرح الرقمى
المقاومة بالمدونات في مؤتمر الثقافة الرقمية  مصير الهوية رقمياً.. فى افتتاح اليوم الثانى بمؤتمر الإسكندرية الأول للثقافة الرقمية

An international conference on digital culture ended two days ago in
Alexandria. It was the first time the conference was held in Egypt.

Gamal Yaqut, director of el-Tazawoq Cultural Palace, which hosted the conference, announced that a digital center will be established at the Palace. The center will deal with digital film and theatrical activities. The center will also work to digitalize Alexandrian literature for the benefit of researchers and the public, Yaqut said.

In its final recommendations, the conference called on the General Culture Palaces Authority (GCPA) to establish an Egyptian and Arab prize for digital creativity and criticism.

The conference also appealed to governments and bodies concerned with communication technology to provide education in digital culture and increase availability to computer applications.

It is necessary for the GCPA and the Arab Union for Internet Writers to join forces to adopt the conference idea and holdit periodically, the conference underlined.

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