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Yahya Al Qaisi is a contemporary Jordanian writer whose work deals with controversial political issues and social taboos in the Arab and Islamic society.

Born in Hartha-Jordan in 1963, al Qaisi is a writer, a movie critic, and a journalist, who received his Bachelors degree in English Literature from Philadelphia University in 1999.

He has published one novel and two collections of short stories including: 'Gate of Confusion' (2006), 'Cracked Desires' (1997), 'Entry to the Aqua Time' (1990), and 'Writing Fever' interviews (2004). He also produced 23 documentary films about distinguished Jordanian cultural figures.

Al Qaisi worked in the Ministry of Culture for several years as Head of the International Cultural Affairs. He is currently working as a producer for the Amman-based ATV.

His promising recently published novel Gate of Confusion shows rare talent at work. It is one of the few modern and contemporary novels that combine a mystic understanding of the modern world and the universal challenges that face each and every individual who is willing to take one step above the crowd.


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