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Amer was born on December 29, 1954 in Horfeish, Upper Galilee. He has been writing poetry and essays since 1972. At the young age of 17, he started writing poetry in English at first. He graduated in 1977 from Haifa University where he obtained a BA in social work. In 1983 he earned a diploma in Journalism and communication followed in 1996 with a Teaching degree. 

After a service of ten years as a social worker, he is currently a teacher in Horfaish High School.

He is a member of:
General Union of Arab Writers in Israel - Haifa
International Friends of Literature - Haifa
World Academy of Arts and Culture - Taipei
National Arab Cultural Forum - Nazareth

He participated in:
16th World Congress of Poets - Japan 1996
18th World Congress of Poets - Slovakia 1998
19th World Congress of Poets - Mexico 1999


A selection of his works are:

The Noise of Silence
The Bleeding of Time
The Warrior's Rest 
The Hissing of Light

He has also published Ink Morning ( literary and cultural essays) and in English Familocracy (sociopolitical essays)

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