Sherif Meleka

The Author was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1958, but lived in Cairo thereafter
and graduated from College De La Salle, in 1975, to join the Cairo University Faculty of Medicine.

He then graduated in 1981; finished his Internship in the Cairo University hospitals, worked for a year as a Health Inspector in Torrah طره , a Cairoan suburb and frequented the infamous prison سجن طره there for a year, and started residence in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Cairo, for a short while, and then immigrated to United States in October of 1984.

He specialized in the treatment of Chronic Pain which got him in touch with people's suffering and probably instigated his poetic inclination. He settled in Maryland a mid Atlantic State bordering the cultural centers of Washington DC and Virginia and Baltimore and Annapolis.

He only suddenly started to write in April of 2000, an unforeseen and unexplainable compelling urge that overwhelmed him at the time.

He had always enjoyed literature, and admired Naguib Mahfouz نجيب محفوظ and Salah Jaheen صلاح جاهين , , his favorites, but he also enjoyed Louis Awad د. لويس عوض , Tawfik El Hakeem توفيق الحكيم , Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Beiram El Tounsi بيرم التونسى and is currently discovering the writings of Salama Moussa سلامه موسى ..

More recently, an introductory review of Dawayer دواير , was published in Weghat Nazar نظر وجهات , June 2004 issue in “new publications” section.

The author had published two albums of musical hymns previously, of his poetry. The first was "Stories from The Book of Love" (حواديت من كتاب الحب) published in 2002in Cairo. The album received a decent acceptance and instigated the poet and writer Francois Bassili باسيلى فرانسوا , to write an article about it published in two local newspapers in the US in October 2002.

The second album was "Tribulation " (الدنيا ساعات بتضيق) published in 2003, orchestrated and produced by a famous US Jazz musician, Joe Ercole, which led to a published article by Magdi Khalil in Watani in January 2003.

He has also published two poems in Elaph, an electronic newspaper published on the Internet, and five poems in Watani وطنى in 2002 and 2003.

He has also published a book review in Watani, in November 2003 , about Alaa El Aswani's علاء الأسوانى "Emaret Ya'akoubian يعقوبيان عمارة ".

He has an upcoming poetry book tittled ‘حواديت من كتاب الحب ‘ and a collection of short stories “ مِهاجرين” awaiting publication.

Sample author's work :