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Salah Khalil Kanaan of Lebanese descent, he was born in Beirut Lebanon, the 14th of July 1964.Married with 4 children and brought up in war-torn Beirut before moving to Russia, he now resides with his family in Sweden, working for a prestigious Nuclear Power Plant as a Development Engineer.

In 1989 he obtained his Master of Science in electromechanical engineering from Odessa polytechnic institute (USSR) and further postgraduate studies from Chalmers Technical Institute (Sweden).

In summer 2000, his wife, the children and Salah boarded a plane from Copenhagen for the four-hour flight to Beirut, where they were going to spend some week's holiday at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in the place where he belongs. His knees began to buckle from fear reminiscing the whole road which laid ahead when he first in 1983 escaped from his beloved city. Nothing had really prepared him for the risks to be a foreigner in a Western World, but what could be more risky than being born and brought up in the most dangerous city in the world'Beirut. This is one of the subjects that affected him so much and made him the man he is today.

That holiday was to change his life. He was thirty-six years old. Since that moment, he has never been really interested in anything else, but to find out more about the children in the Arab world contra in the Western world, to dive inside himself to find more and more about the Middle East, its people and its conflicts, its religions and much more he lost himself in the multicoloured river of humanity. He felt himself at home again, surely he was experiencing reincarnation. Despite having lived for twenty three years in Europe, he knew then and there that he was more Mediterranean and more Middle Eastern than European.

Salah Kanaan's work:
He has written many subjects concerning children's education and their well-being and many articles for Save the Children organisation.

True life story of a boy splits between two cultures and two religions. It is a semi-political book called 'OPB', PublishAmerica 2004.

Fattish & Fattoush- The Revelation, co-author Denny Inns, The first book of the chronicle of Fattish and Fattoush, PublishAmerica.

Fattish & Fattoush- The Justification, co-author Denny Inns, The second book of the chronicle of Fattish and Fattoush. They have five other books in the chronicle with similar backgrounds in mind. For more information on the authors and the chronicle of books please visit the website: www.geocities.com/innskanaan

Exit into the Sunset, Popular fiction, in the hands of a literary agent in the USA at the moment.

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