Sabri Moussa

Sabry Moussa

Sabri Moussa (1932 - 2018)

Moussa was born in Damietta, Egypt on 19 February 1932. He studied painting and after graduation, worked as a teacher for one year before he left to work as a journalist for Al-Gomhuriya newspaper and at Rose Al-Yousef.

He started writing in 1951 and has published four collections of short stories, three novels, three travel books and scripts for ten major Egyptian films, some of which, including the 1968 film Al-Boustagi [The Postman], Om Hashem's Lamp [Kandil Om Hashem] are now considered classics.

His most famous works are "Seeds of Corruption”, “The Half-Meter Accident”, and “The Man in the Spinach Field”.

His "Seeds of Corruption" translated by Mona Mikhail received the Pegasus Prize for Literature in 1978.