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Kilani was born in the Cairo district of Abdeen on 17 November 1942.He first started writing at the age of sixteen influenced by a family noted for its artistic tendencies. His father was a painter and sculptor as well as a poet. His uncle was a calligraphist and wrote short stories. His uncle from his mother's side was a   poet.

The major artisitic influence on Kilani was that of Mahmoud Timor, one of the pioneers of the Arabic short story. Timor and his followers believed that literature should have a social purpose and that writing should promote an ethical society. Such a goal can only be achieved, according to Timor and his followers, through a simplified style embedded in realism and idealism. Timor described Roustom Kilani as:
" A writer who dictates to his pen what is in his heart. His stories stand out for   their enchanting human emotions"

Kilani's stories have appeared in the major Egyptian and Arab newspapers and magazines. Many of them have been adapted for radio and television.

He has been included in the Egyptian National Encyclopedia of Prominent Personalities.
He is a member of the Egyptian Writers' Union, the Egyptian Story Club and the Writers'   Society.

   A selection of his  works are : 

Collections of Short Stories

Tears of Remembrance  " Dumoo'o al-Thikra "
Thus We Met   
" Hakatha Iltakaina "
The Wailing Walls  
" al-Godran al-Bakia "
A life Long Companion  
" Rafik al-'Omr "
A medallion of thorns  
" Kilada Min Shook "
Don't Await My Return  
" La Tarkubi 'Awdaty "
This is Life 
" Hiya al-Haya "
An Encouner 
" Wa Kana Lika'a "
The Angles of Life
   " Zawaya al-Haya "
Stories from all around us    " Hikayat Min Hawlana "

A  book for adolescents co-authored with Wasfi Al Wasfi:
Mahmoud Timor an international writer " al-Adib al-Alami Mahmoud Timor "

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