Philippe Paraskevas
فيليب باراسكيفاس

Philippe Paraskevas

Born in Cairo in 1960, Philippe Paraskevas is an Egyptian of Greek origin whose family emigrated to Zifta, Gharbeya, four generations ago. Over the past 25 years, he has founded the stud-farms of El Ateya Arabians and Hoor El Eyoun, both located in Dahshour, Egypt.

The breeding programs of these two farms are geared towards preservation breeding, while also striving to develop a distinctive identity by the exclusive use of their own range of stallions of E.A.O origins.

Philippe Paraskevas Works

The Egyptian Alternative
Breeding The Arabian Horse
Volume 1

This is a thought – provoking book for breeders of the Arabian horse and Egyptian Arabian horse lovers wherever they may be. Building on his detailed analysis of the history of the Arabian , the Author presents his suggestions as to how the country could still revive it’s own unique breed which is, in his words, "a national treasure".

The author, drawing on the words of scholars and breeding authorities past and present does not hesitate to challenge conventional notions of what constitutes a viable national program for the protection of Egypt's purebred Arabian horse heritage. This book is a powerful statement by a dedicated practitioner who is an eloquent advocate of an alternative breeding doctrine. This is a riveting read, which is bound to stimulate widespread debate regarding the long –term future of the Egyptian Arabian horse everywhere in the world.

Under publication:
The Egyptian Alternative In Search of The Identity of The Egyptian Arabian Bloodlines