Nora Amin


Feminist theatre
Egyptian theatre
Fiction writing
Arts management
International theatre

1993 Cairo University, French and comparative literature department, MA, Comparative Literature
1992 Cairo University, Licensed in arts, French and Comparative Literature
1988 Lyc�e la Libert�, Cairo, Egypt

Additional training for directing and performing in theatre and dance:
1988-89 Hassan El-Geretly, director, Al-Warsha theatre Company
1993-94 Walid Aouni, Choreographer, artistic of the Cairo Opera House modern dance 
1993 Bruno Meyssat , Director, Theatre du Shaman, France
1993-94 Oljay Bertrand, Actress /director, Acting workshop 
1994 Eva-Maria Lerchenberg, Dancer / choreographer 
2001 Tadashi Endo, Perfomer / Choreographer, Buttoh Dance
2002 Alexander Stillmark, Director, International theatre institute, Berlin
2002 Peter Braschler, Director, Zurich, Switzerland


2004 Ten,a collaboration with Ludus Dance, funded by the British council in Cairo, presented at the Hanager Arts center, the Cairo Opera House, with an all-female British/Egyptian cast. Part of the British Council program �Connecting Futures� and dance for the youth.

2003 The English Lover, by Marguerite Duras. Originally presented at the Falaki Studio, American University of Cairo (February 2003), and at the Taliaa Theatre (June 2003), Bibliotheca Alexandrina (August 2003), and internationally presented at the Odin Teatret, Transit festival, Denmark, (January 2004.) Funded by the Royal Netherlands Cultural Fund. 

Nine, a collaboration with Ludus Dance Company, Cairo (March 2003). A physical theatre performance funded by the British Council as part of the �Connecting Futures� program dealing with governance, gender related issues and human rights.

The Window, in collaboration with visual artist Mohamed Aboulnaga. A performance art piece. Labodega/espace Karim Francis, Cairo (February 2003)

2002 3, DIRECTED AND PERFORMED by Nora Amin. Bibliotheca Alexandrina (December 2002). Interactive solo performance.

La Musica 2eme, by Marguerite Duras. Presented at Falaki Studio, American University of Cairo (September 2002); at JADAYEL Festival (October 2002), and Bibliotecha Alexandrina (November 2002). Funded by Royal Netherlands Cultural Fund in Cairo.

Tragic Prison, concept by Nora Amin in collaboration with choreographer Karima Mansour. Presented at Bibliotheca Alexandrina (July 2002). A physical theatre duo performance.

Bits of Names, based on physical memory, autobiography and metaphor, developed at physical theatre workshop at Higher Drama Institute, in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Damascus, Syria.

2001 Message to My Father, in collaboration with Arianna Economou (Cyprus) as a result of cooperation between the ministries of culture, education and foreign affairs in Cyprus and Egypt. Presented at Echo-Arts Center (Cyprus, December 2001); Falaki Studio, American University in Cairo (September 2002); National Theatre (Cairo,February 2002); Russian Cultural Center (Cairo,February 2002); Higher Drama Institute, (Damascus, Syria, March 2002); University of Massachusetts at Amherst (US, April 2002); Access Theatre, Battery Dance Company, New York (May 2002).

The Trip to the Soul, by Nora Amin, in collaboration with Angelika Oei. Presented at the Town House Gallery for Contemporary Art, Cairo (June, 2001). Supported by Zuidplein Theatre, Rotterdam.

Love, written & directed by Nora Amin, a piece for 8 dancers, in collaboration with Karima Mansour. Presented at the Hanager Arts Center, Cairo (July 2001). Funded by the Royal Netherlands Cultural Fund in Cairo.

Faces of Me, based on actors� workshop conducted and directed by Nora Amin. Meta-Teatro, Rome, Italy (January 2001).

2000 The Box of Our Lives, by Nora Amin. Presented at the Town House Gallery for Contemporary Art, Cairo (November 2000-January 2001); Falaki Studio, American University in Cairo (February 2002) ; Mercosur Festival, Cordoba, Argentina (September 2001); Transformation Festival, Leipzig, Germany (July 2001); The Blue Coat Arts Center, Liverpool, England (December 2001)

1999 The Text, by Nora Amin. Presented at the Town House Gallery for Contemporary Art, Cairo (January 1999); the Mediterranean Festival, St. James Cavalier Center for Creativity, Malta (October 2000); The Female Configurations in the Performing Arts of Today, Braunschweig, Germany (July 2000)


1993-2002. Teacher at the Academy of Arts, Center for languages & translation. Courses on French theatre and cinema texts & theories.
Higher institute of Drama, Higher institute of Cinema
1993-2003. Theatre workshops for performers and non-performers
� Trainer and director of an Egyptian/British all-female cast, physical theatre workshop, that took place in Lancaster, UK, July 2003, the result of which was developed in Cairo, December 2003, for two weeks, bringing both groups together and presenting the premiere of the performance called �10� at the Hanager Arts Center, in collaboration with Ludus Dance, and supported by the British Council in Cairo and England.
� A series of theatre workshops for female non-performers, on personal experiences, female images and future, under the program of �Connecting Futures�, the British Council, in Cairo and Upper Egypt, also functioned as an executive director for this long-term workshop (2002-2003)
� �Abstract stories�, the Czech Embassy, Cairo, January 2002.
� �Bits of Names�, with 16 students of the second and third years acting of the Higher Institute of Drama, Damascus, Syria, 2002.
� �Faces of Me�, Meta-Teatro, Rome, Italy, January 2001.
� �Models of violence & resistance�, the Cairo international human rights center, young activists meeting, Cairo, 2001.


2003-present Fellowship on arts management, the Vilar Institute, The John F. Kennedy for the performing arts, Washington, DC.

2002 Initiator, artistic and executive producer for mini-festival of plays, �The Other Side of the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre�, in collaboration with the theatre department of the American University in Cairo.

Founder, artistic and executive director of JADAYEL, the International Independent Arts Festival, Egypt. Responsibilities include:
� Creating the concept, plan of execution, and the organizational strategy of the project.
� Recruiting sponsors for the funding and collaboration of the festival; Pro-Helvetia: The Arts Council of Switzerland in Cairo, The Goethe Institute in Cairo, the British Council in Cairo, The Royal Netherlands Cultural Fund in Cairo.
� Recruiting and organizing for the seven venues of the festivals: The American University in Cairo, the Town House Gallery for Contemporary Art, the Mashrabeyya gallery for Modern Art, The Russian cultural center, the Goethe institute gallery, the house of Zeinab Khatoon, the House of Harrawy. 
� 42 entries in theatre, dance, short films, exhibitions, music concerts, and literary readings; among which 7 foreign entries from Chili, Serbia, Denmark, Switzerland, Palestine, Germany; with 18 foreign artists involved in the event in Cairo.
� 3 workshops between Egyptian and Foreign theatre artists, on Dance (Egypt/Chili/Serbia), acting/voice (Denmark), improvisation (Switzerland /Palestine).
� Networking meetings to structure ways of collaboration, artists exchange, curating for festival participation, common projects development, future events�etc.
� Extending few activities of the festival to Alexandria, in cooperation with Bibliotheca Alexandrina; including three performances by foreign and Egyptian artists. The responsibilities of the executive & artistic director are carried out through this event, jointly with the director of the theatre division at the arts center of the library.

2001 Associate executive officer for the planning and implementation of �New Writing�, a cultural exchange program between Egyptian and Swiss writers sponsored by Pro-Helvetia (Arts Council of Switzerland) in collaboration with the Goethe Institute, in Cairo and Alexandria.

2000-present Founder, executive and artistic director of LaMusica Independent Theatre Group, Cairo, Egypt

� �The New Feminist Trends in Egyptian Theatre and Literature,� the Swedish Institute in Alexandria, December 2002. 
� �The Arab Female Performer: The Question of Identity Vis-�-vis a Western Audience,� the annual international meeting of the American Studies Association, ASA, Texas, Houston, USA, November 2002.
� �The Independent Theatre in Egypt�, the Arab Culture Festival, Bern, Switzerland, October 2002.
� Reading at the municipal library of Stuttgart, presented by Hartmut Fahendrich, July 2002.
� A series of readings in Switzerland; the literature houses of Basel, Zurich and Bern, under Pro-Helvetia, the Arts Council of Switzerland, March 2002.
� �Contemporary Egyptian Theatre and Politics�, at Smith College, Massachusetts, USA, April 2002.
� �Translating Cultures,� the Center for Near & Middle East Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA, USA, May 2002.
� A presentation on The Bermuda Triangle, Department of Theater, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA, May 2002. 
� �Strategies of Publishing Literature and Translations in Egypt�, the Swedish Institute in Alexandria, September 2002.
� �Communicating Human Rights�, a conference in Kenilworth, England, organized by the British Council, November 2001.
� �The Question of Freedom of Expression in Contemporary Experimental Theatre in Egypt,� the Performance Studies Institute International Conference, Mainz, Germany, April 2001.
� Reading/presentation, �The Female Configurations in the Performing Arts of Today,� Braunschweig, Germany, July 2000.
� �The New Egyptian Novel after Mahfouz,� the Islamic Studies Institute in Madrid, Spain, April 2000.
� �Feminist Writing in Egypt,� the Rabat Festival, Rabat, Morocco, July 2000.
� �From Page to Stage,� the Mediterranean Literature Festival, St. James Cavalier Center for Creativity, Malta, October 2000.
� International seminar on �Culture and Tolerance: Promoting a Dialogue,� Centro Dionysia, Rome, Italy, December 2000.
� Writer�s Residency at the Writers� Colony, Chateau de Lavigny, Lausanne, Ledig-Rowohlt foundation, Switzerland, July 1999.
� Reading at the ARD Cultural Center, Zurich, Switzerland, July 1999.
� �Methodological Writing in the New Egyptian Novel,� Salzburg Seminar, Austria, March 1998.
� Reading at the ARD Cultural Center, Zurich, Switzerland, July 1999.

Her Publications & Literary Works include:

Translations into Arabic:

� Le Lieu Theatral, collection of essays. Academy of Arts, Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre, Ministry of Culture, 1993.
� Le Theatre Contemporain: Culture et Contre-Culture, de Jean Duvignaud et Jean Lagoutte, the Academy of Arts, CIFET, the Ministry of Culture, 1994.
� Yannis Kokos: Le Scenographe et le Heron, essays by George Banu, CIFET, 1994.
� Les Theates de l�Asie, collection d�essais, the Ministry of Culture, CIFET 1995.
� L��cole du Spectateur, Ann Ubersfeld, in collaboration with other translators, CIFET, the Ministry of Culture, 1996.
� L�Arc du Desir, Augusto Boal, CIFET, the Ministry of Culture,1997.
� The Human Creative Diversity: the UNESCO Report, in collaboration with other translators, the Supreme Council of Culture, the National Translation Project, the Ministry of Culture,1997.
� Le Paradoxe sur le Comedien, Denis Diderot, CIFET, the Ministry of Culture,1998.
� La Breve Histoire de l�ex-Union Sovietique, de Roger Garaudy, the Popular Culture Organism, the translation series, the Ministry of Culture,1998.
� Globalizxation: The Social Theory and the Universal Culture, in collaboration with Ahmed Mahmoud, , the Supreme Council of Culture, the National Translation Project, the Ministry of Culture,1998.
� La Musica 2eme et �L�Amante Anglaise, de Marguerite Duras, CIFET, 1999.
� Le Theatre Citoyen, Jean Vilar, CIFET,the Ministry of Culture, 2000.

� Parenthetical Phrases, a collection of short stories, the Anglo-Egyptian Bookshop, Cairo, 1995. 
� Convex Roads, a collection of short stories, New Culture Publishing House, Cairo, 1996.
� An Empty Pink Shirt, a novel, Sharkiyyat, Cairo, 1997.
� Episodes of Sympathy, a collection of short stories, the Popular Culture Organism, the New Writings series, the Ministry of Culture, Cairo 1998.
� The Second Death of the Man of the Watches�, a novel, the Popular Culture Organism, the New Writings series, the Ministry of Culture, Cairo, 2000. Also in a popular edition at the General Egyptian Book Organism, Cairo 2003.
� The Third Half, a collection of short stories, Merit for publishing, Cairo, 2003.

Theatrical Scripts
� �The Text�, a script for dance and speech performances, 1998
� �The Bermuda Triangle�, 1998, and produced in New York, Manhattan, Lower East Side Tenement Museum Theatre, 2002.
� �Poison and Rage�, a one act comedy, 1999
� �All is OK�, a script for a musical, 1999
� �The Box of Our Lives�, 2000
� �The Trip to the Soul�, 2001
� �love�, as script for a dance performance, 2001
� �Message to my father�, script for a solo performance, 2001
� �Rice Cake�, script for a solo performance, 2002
� �Ambulance Car�, in Arabic and English, 2002

� �The Body�, an experimental documentary, the Swedish fine arts college,2003
� �Cutting through the Soul�, an experimental documentary, Egyptian TV,2002.
� �Heliopolis�, a short dance film, Egyptian TV and TV5, 2001.

Published translations of several of the above works has been into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish languages.

� �The Egyptian Theatre and Human Rights: The Art of Claiming our Right�, the first book on human rights and theatre in Egypt, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, Cairo, 2002.

� The best Novel for an Egyptian writer under 40 years old, Andalousia Foundation for Culture and Sciences, Alexandria: �An Empty Pink Shirt,� 2000.
� The best short story in the Arab world, Alakhbar Press House, �A Long Black Shirt,� 1996
� The best short story in Egypt, the Popular Culture Organism, �Convex Roads,�1996.
� The current recipient of the �Samuel-Fischer Literary Award,� Berlin, Germany, in conjunction with a Professorship at Freie University, Berlin, 2004/2005.
� Currently, the first selected African and Middle-Eastern Fellow of the Fellowship Program at the Vilar Institute for Arts Management, at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC, USA.

� Written & spoken Arabic, English & French.
� All administrative and executive tasks within arts management.
� Designing and planning courses of workshops, seminars or lectures on theatre and literature.
� Conducting workshops on theoretical and practical artistic topics and studies.
� Teaching classes for graduate and postgraduate levels in comparative literature and theater, acting, directing, physical theater, feminism, and Arab culture and arts.
� Especially focused on international co-productions and projects, as well as touring, programming, organizing international festivals and events, artists exchange, networking, and developing partnerships.


Previous support or/and collaboration with the following cultural organizations among others: 
Pro-Helvetia, The Arts Council of Switzerland, the Cairo Liaison 
Prince Claus Fund, Netherlands
The Royal Netherlands Cultural Fund in Cairo
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
International theatre institute in Berlin
Festival Mercosur, Cordoba, Argetina
Centro de teatro do oprimido, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
UNESCO-Aschberg program
British Council in Cairo
Ludus Dance Company in Lancaster, UK
The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Vilar Institute, Washington DC, USA
Goethe Institute in Cairo
The American University in Cairo, the theatre Department
The American Studies Association, USA
The Egyptian Academy in Rome
DBM, Danse basin Mediterranee
Odin Teatret, Denmark
Battery Dance, NY, USA

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