Nisma Alaklouk
نسمة العكلوك

Nisma Aklouk
A Palestinian novelist living in the Gaza strip whose passion is to represent her country to the world through expressing the unexpressed. Her art shows how creative she is ; also ; it’s a proof that in Palestine people still have the will to unveil their artistic sense despite all the psychological torments inflicted on them .


B A degree” mathematics”, Alazhar University, Gaza.

Professional experience:

was awarded Najib Mahfoud’s competition of stories, and categorized as the fourth winner. Her story was included in a book published by the same Egyptian institution that arranged the event.

won the first prize for the best play in a competition entitled “A’ idoun muntassiroun”.

Participated in a syrian cultural event “Amjad takafiyya” on behalf of the gazan community , and was given the third award.

Kattan institution marked her stories.

Participated in writing the content of the play”63 not last time” that was featured at the theatre Rachad Shawa in Gaza by Ibhar institution.

2011 achievements :
Nisma was a member of the jury who arranged the event of “Palestinian creativity award”.
Some of her works were translated into both English and French.
2009:Her novel “we met again” came out .
Najib Mahfoud’s competition jury included her novel that won a prize to be published within a book .
2011: Her book “ Termal “ came out .It was released by Tamer institution for social education.

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