Naim Sabry

Naim Sabry is an Egyptian poet and novelist living in Cairo, Egypt. He started his writing career by writing poetry. His first two books were poetry collections: “The Diary of a Post- stamp” and “Reflections.” Later, he wrote two plays “The Well of the Berry Tree”, a musical poetic play and “The Leader”, a poetic play. He then published another poetry collection - “The Talk of the Creatures.”

Following his poetry collection writing, Naim began writing prose and wrote his childhood autobiography - “The Diary of an Old Child”. Since then he has been dedicating his writing to novels. To date, he has published eight novels. The latest of which is “Hafiz, the Second-hand Dealer”, which was published in 2005.

Naim Sabry graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering in 1968. After graduation he worked as an Engineer for some time and then for most of his professional life he managed his own private business. Since 1995, Naim has become a full-time writer. He is married to Nagwa Youssef and he is the father of one daughter, Sarah Sabry.

Author's Personal Website:

Published Works:

Novels :
Diary of an Old Child (1995)
Autumn Waves (1997)
The Daughter Faten (1999)
Mr. Tohotmos's Opera (1999)
Shobra (2000)
The Seventh District (2001)
Whirlwinds of Nostalgia (2003)
Between Drowsiness & Wakefulness (2004)
Hafiz the Second-hand Dealer (2005)
روايــات :
يوميات طفل قديم - 1995
أمواج الخريف - 1997
الابنة فاتن - 1999
أوبرا الأستاذ تحتمس - 1999
شبرا - 2000
الحي السابع - 2001
دوامات الحنين - 2003
بين الإغفاءة والصحو - 2004
حافظ بتاع الروبابيكيا - 2005

Poetic Plays :
The Well of the Berry Tree (1989)
The Leader (1990)
مسرحيات شعرية :
بئر التوتة - 1989
الزعيم - 1990

Poetry :
The Diary of a Post-stamp (1988)
Reflections (1989)
The Talk of the Creatures (1992)
مجموعات شعرية :
يوميات طابع بريد - 1988
تأملات في الأحوال - 1989
حديث الكائنات - 1992