Mohammed Moustafa Orfy
محمد مصطفى عرفي

Basic Information

Name : Mohammed Moustafa Orfy.
Occupation : Diplomat. (Other part time activities: Writer & Academic lecturer)
Nationality : Egyptian.
Languages : Arabic (native), English, French.
Email : Or


-2009 PhD in International Relations: (London)
-2004 MA in International Law: ( London )
-1998 MA in Diplomacy: University of Malta (Malta).
-1991 BA in Mass Communication (Press): (Egypt )


(1)NATO and the Middle East : The Geopolitical Context post 9-11

Routledge ( Taylor & Francis )… (2010 )

(2) Islam and International Human Rights : Can Muslims and Non-Muslims

Live together? Lambert academic publishing … (2010)

(3) The age of the ?American empire?: What went wrong?: How do scholars see the worldwide impacts of the US foreign policy? Lambert academic publishing … (2010)

4-Kalam Beny w Benek …(Talk between you and me) (In Arabic).
El Dar for publications – Cairo. (2009).

5-The Transatlantic Alliance in the Middle East post 9-11
Redlead Press – USA (Amazon & other Internet Webs). (2008)

6-The New NATO: Its Survival and Resilience
Author House – UK ( Amazon & other Internet Webs). (2007)

In 2007, Dr Mohammed Orfy published his first book (The New NATO: Its survival and Resilience). The book reviews the major developments of NATO since the end of the cold war and the nature of its new global role.
In 2008, he published his second book (The Transatlantic Alliance in the Middle East post 9-11). The book sheds light on the impacts of the events of 9-11 on the region of the Middle East, then identifies the differences and similarities between the European and American policies towards certain Middle Eastern issues, including Iraq, Iran, the Palestinian question, Darfur and the issues of democracy and reform.
In 2009, he published his third book (Kalam beny w benek) in Arabic (Talk between you and me) that includes a variety of his articles on various political, social as well as cultural issues.

In 2010 , Routledge ( Taylor and Francis group) published his PhD thesis under the title ( NATO and the Middle East ) . Also, Lambert Academic Publishing ( Germany ) published his two books (Islam and International Human Rights) , and (The Age of the American empire : What went wrong?) . The first book compares the international standards of human rights with the Islamic scheme of human rights and proves that the existing similarities are much more important than the differences between the two schemes of human rights. The second one explains how some renowned scholars and experts perceive the role of the United States in the international arena, particularly in the Bush era. In the briefest possible way, it reviews their arguments and views on the worldwide impacts of the US foreign policies on globalization ,the international relations , international law , the relationship between the United States and Europe and, the relationship between Islam and the West.

Dr Mohammed Moustafa Orfy has also published about 80 articles, covering a wide range of topics on international affairs including Middle Eastern and some security issues. These appeared from 1998 onwards, in Alahram, a highly-regarded newspaper in the Middle East, as well as in other specialized periodicals. His writings also cover some social and cultural issues. He also writes short stories from time to time.