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Solaiman is a young Egyptian author. He was born in Kuwait on May 1st 1979.

At the time of compiling this information, September 99, he is a medical student at the faculty of medicine, Suez Canal University.

He is a resident of Ismailia, Egypt.

Given his age, only 20, Solaiman is quite an ambitious author who has already written in different fields.

In 1993, at the age of 14, the weekly magazine "Kol El-Nass" introduced him as the youngest Arab reporter. A full reportage and two articles of his were published. The subject- the almost totally ignored puberty and adolescence period of life- youth aged 12 to 17. The novelty was that the writer himself belonged to that age group.

After this early experience with the press, there was the stage of poetry. The music of language had taken his interest for some time and the result was charming! A heap of poems (all in arabic).

"Marthyyat Fares", a Knight’s Tragedy was published electronically on this site.

" Kalimat Pygmalion el-Akhira " Pymalion’s Last Words, " Ithhaby " Go away and " Bayn el-Hub wa el-Kaswa" Between love and Cruelty will all soon be published in Literature Corner

   A selection of his works are : 

*  "Dimaa fi el-Ma’bad" Blood in the temple

A novel for young adults, first of a series called Lotus from "Riwayat Misriyya Lelgeb"

Published by El-Moassasa el-Arabiyya el-Haditha – Cairo 1999

A book that takes Egypt’s pharonic history as a background to a detective drama full of suspense, mystery and adventure.

*  " Tamaseeh el-Nil" Nile Crockodiles

Lotus series of "Riwayat Misriyya Lelgeb"

Published by El-Moassasa el-Arabiyya el-Haditha – Cairo 1999

* " Ragol min Wahm"

El-Moassasa el-Arabiyya el-Haditha – Cairo 1999

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