Mohamad Fotooh
محمد فتوح

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mohamad fotooh
Mohamad fotooh was born in Egypt , Al Mansoura , in the village of Al Daraksa, on 6th January 1955, and died in Cairo, on 13th October 2008.
Mohamad Fotooh , went to school in his village , Al Daraksa, right from the start , till he finished the secondary level .
This was at the age of 17, when he had to leave the village, to go the university in the city of Cairo.
His early questioning , love for challenging the existing patterns , having doubts about the values long inherited, rejecting obedience , and his yearning to live against the main stream, have made " philosophy " , the most attractive subject, to study in Ain Shams university , from 1973 till 1977.
From 1977 , till 1986 , he worked in Iraq, as a philosophy teacher , in one of the national academic institutions, located in the capital , Baghdad.
In 1990, he got his Master Degree, from Ain- Shams university, for his thesis, " The influence of Visual Pollution on Early Childhood " .
Following his interest in the science of environment , he went on to further social, phsycological, and philosophical, analysis of the complicated , multidimensional bond between humans, and the environment, and thus got his Doctoral Degree in 1997, for a dissertation entitled " The Psycological Mechanisms to Deal with Environmental Pressures " , Ain – Shams university,…Institution Of Environmental Studies and Researches .
During the last two decades, from 1986 , till his sudden, chocking , and unexpected death, in 2008, he has been writing in many , different Egyptian , ,and Arab , newspapers and magazines .
Starting from 1993, however, he has concentrated his writings, to be published in one weekly Egyptian magazine, Rosa Al Youssef.
When Dr. Nawal El Saadawi, founded Arab Women Solidarity Association- AWSA , in the year 1986, in Cairo, Mohamad Fotooh, was one of the founders.
Moreover, he has been involved in almost all the activities, seminars, conferences, women`s projects in villages, cultural events, made by AWSA.
His talent as a singer, and a music composer, have qualified him, to join the National Ensemble For Arab Music , in the Opera house, since it started in October 1989.
In AWSA, he organized a musical group, whose name was " DREAMS " , which presented 16 musical concerts, under his conduct, and whose members had been selected from the members, of AWSA, mainly from the cultural and artistic committee, founded by Dr. Mohamad fotooh.
Being a distinguished " OUD " , player, he has devoted some of his time,- twice a week – to teach those who wanted to play the " OUD ".
Dr. Mohamad Fotooh, composed the music, and the songs, in the play of ISIS, written by Dr. Nawal El Saadawi, when performed at Al Kalaa stage in 2000, and was funded then , by the Cultural Development Fund.
As an actor, Mohamad fotooh, had three experiences.
The first , his role as a village doctor, in ' The Bride of the Nile' , in 1991, a short fiction movie , written and directed by Atef Hetata.
The second experience, was in 2001, when he joined his Opera musical ensemble, in a musical play from the Egyptian folklore.
In 2006, he took the role of a fanatic journalist, in the television drama, SAMAA GADIDA, or A NEW SKY, written by Dr. Mona Helmy.
Dr. Mohamad Fotooh has established The CULTURE MOLTAKA, in 1998, which met regularly every Tuesday - 15 women and men- till June 2008.
The Modern Sheikhs and the Industry of Religion Extremism.
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Under Print
The Philosopy of Obediance.
The Phsycological Motivations Behind Patriarchy.
The Role of Music in Acheiving Human Progress.
Food Bank is an Insult to the Poor.
Songs and Music
23 Songs
7 Pieces of music
A Founder Member of Arab Women Solidarity Association- U.N Status-
A Member of the Egyptian Musicians` Syndicate.
A Member of Fine Arts` Organization ..Cairo
A Member of the Egyptian Enlightenment Organization.
Dr. Mohamad Fotooh, has been to many different foreign countries, taking part of international conferences, and playing his songs and music.

His Web Site on the net is as follows:

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