Moaen Shalabia
معين شلبية

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moaen shalabia
Moaen shalabia. Born 14 October 1958 in Maghar Village - The Galilee.

One of the Arab Palestinian national Minority in Israel

Finished his studies in Haifa University – (Business Administration and management).

Poet and prose writer, his writing career began in 1978, he published his poems in national local newspapers and in Arabic papers abroad.
His first born was the first book of poetry in 1989.

Participated in many local international festivals such as, Nissan international poetry festival, Cairo International Book Fair, Jarash festival, Palestine poetry meeting, and Doha cultural festival.

Was awarded by the Palestinian education ministry for his blessed efforts in enriching the national education and for his loyalty to the Palestinian issue and the Principles of justice and freedom.
Besides, he has received many appreciation certificates.

A member in Nissan association for art and education, a member in the union of Arab writers and the movement of world poets.

His literary production was discussed and criticized in many sessions in homeland and abroad.

Some of his poems were translated into many languages, like Hebrew, French, English and Polish.

His collection of poems was included in the national and international anthologies. 00 972 522694581

The poet's publishing:


1. The wave is return – 1989.
2. Between two butterflies – 1999.
3. The memory of senses – 2001.
4. Rituals of autism - 2004.
5. The immigration of the naked longings – 2008.


1. Meditations – 1992.
2. Narrow evening – 1995.
3. Spirituality – 1998.


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