Manal Elkady

Manal Elkadi

Manal elkady is an Egyptian author, writing in Arabic. She has published fourteen books five of which are novels , two short stories collections, in addition to books in history and psychiatry which is her speciality as she has graduated from the faculty of medicine. She has also published eleven booklets for teenagers under the name of أفكار غيرت العالم ( great ideas that changed the world).
She is rewriting her novel Tales of the secret city in English (hikayaat elmadenah elsirria). Many important critics studied her work , her novel tales of the secret city (hikayaat elmadinah elsirria ) حكايات المدينة السرية الصادرة عن دار الهلال was considered a new turn in literature written by Egyptian women. She has published recently a new novel named the Shadows of granada (zelal granada ) ظلال غرناطة عن دار الهلال

Tales of the Secret City

by Manal Elkady (Author)
Paperback – January 7, 2016 Partridge Africa
The novel speaks of the archeologist Fhd, who spent his childhood at the oasis and was taught archeology by Aschraf Azaam. He met Habeba, an American lady with Egyptian roots, who possessed a map left to her by her grandfather. He discovered symbols which denoted that AbdelRahman, the grandpa of Habeba, wrote messages for his offspring on the walls of the oasis caves. But that wasn't all. What Fhd didn't state to Habeba is that the map denoted also the presence of a secret city near the oasis. Through the sequence of events, he was able to reach that city, where he met people coming from different cultures, who narrated for him their tales, revealing the unity between mankind, yet Fhd started to search for an exit as he felt that the city was beyond him. Everyone was narrating his story, but he couldn't do the same. He wanted to keep his pains and secrets within his heart, so would he find an exit? The answer is inside.