Lubna Yaseen

Lubna Yaseen
Writer and Journalist and poet and Artist


1. Bachelor Degree in Science – Damascus University
2. P/G Diploma in Education – Damascus University
3. Diploma in Painting and Sculpture – the institute of Adham Ismail for Fine Arts (Ministry of Culture) Damascus.
4. Diploma In Juornalism.
5. Diploma In English Languge.


1. Member of the Union of Arab Writers
2. Honarary Member of the Association of Egyptian Women Writers


1- the first winner for the forign literature “Hijzra price” for short stories in Nederland/Amsterdam 2014.
2-One of the ten top writers in the Arab world according to “noor al adab” Organization for the arabic culture, year 2009.
3-one of the top hundred author worldwide according to the Organization international press year 2009.
4-I have been selected by the International Association of Arab translators among the 121 active intellectuals list in the arab world2010.


• Editor in “Hayat” magazine for 7 years.
• Cynical column “point of view” in “Hayat” magazine under the title (NOISE); and a story column entitled “Mirrors not Disclose”
• Free column in the UAE magazine “Today’s Youth” under the title (Other Images)
• Wrote sporadically in the daily (Al Watan) of Oman
• Participated in many literary and short stories evenings in Damascus, Aleppo and Latakia
• Stories have been translated into french, English, Spanish, Italian, Bengali, Hindi and Kurdish.

Solo Exhibition:

• Solo exhibition in “huisarts van Beijum” Groningen March 2015.
• Solo exhibition in gallery Pond 49\Nederland 2014.
• Solo exhibition in Burgum \Nederland 2012.


 “zummersalon” exhibition, in gallery Fornma Aktua in Nederland.
 “China in the eyes of artists” in the chinese national musium.
 10*10 gallery Nederland 2016.
 Beijing Biennalie \China 2015.
 China Biennalie Kingdau 2014.
 exhibition in gallery Pond 49 in Groningen 2013
 global exhibition of Fine Arts in Seoul, Korea,2013 .
 exhibition in Palistine 2012.
 “Dromen” exhibition in Nederland\Groningen 2012.
 global exhibition of Fine Arts in Seoul, Korea,2012.
 several exhibitions at the Institute of Adham Ismail for Fine Arts.


1. “AGAINST THE TIDE” (Dhed Et Tayar), stories collection, through which I obtained the honarary membership of the Egyptian women writers; the first to be given to a non-Egyptian writer.

2. “FEMALE IN A CAGE” (Emra’a Fi Qafas), stories collection published by wahaj el hayat for media.

3. “WILD RITUALS” (Toqoos Motawaheshah), stories collection published by wojooh publishing and media.

4. “My wife’s mustach” , synical essay, published in Wojooh publishing and media.

5. “Walk on bleed feet “: stories collection published by Al Hiwar publishing and media.

6. “Hole in my chest “: stories collection, published by Al Yanabeea publishing and media.

7. ” A man of broken mirrors”: noval, published by Al Gawoon publishing and media.

8. “Hymns of flute and passion” : poetry collection, published by Al Maamoun publishing and media.

9. “Seven buttons and tow Buttonholes”: stories collection, published by Al Maamoun publishing and media

Group Books:

1-Participation in a story collection with a story entitled “Mute Enquiries” (stefsarat kharsa’a), along with a group of writers under the major title “I Payed To My Sister”

2-Participation in a story collection with a story under the title “Swarms of Mud” (Asrab Teeniyeh), a long with a group of writers under the major title “White Hands…but” published by Wahaj El Hayat for media.

3-Participation in a story collection with a story entitled “Waiting Nebula” (Sadeem El intezar), a long with a group of writers under the title “The White Coat” published by Wahaj El hayat for media.

4-Participation in the Very Short Stories Writers of the international society for Arab translators (WATA); with a series of very short story entitled “A Child’s Vision” (Ro’yat Tefel).

5-Under printing is a story collection entitled “She comes and the Moon Disappear” (Tajee’o Wa Yaghdee Al Gamar).

Opinions from Keynote Arab Writers:

1. Writer {Osama Anwar Okasha}, wrote:
Writer Lubna Mahmoud Yassin surprised me with her first story collection that has been titled “Against the Tide”. Surprise is the only impression which stresses merit and good literature and writing is the one that surprises you and arouse the magical mix of response with mind and senses that touch the hearts. This is what I perceived in Lubna’s stories. Lubna Yassin…. Stop infront of this name…. tuned to and monitor this name. She is a promising writer and we will read more from her.

2. Writer {Fatheya Al Asal; Head of the Egyptian Women Writers}, wrote:
Syrian writer Lubna Yassin in her first story collection “Against the Tide” asserts that she is a writer with wonderful approach and the most important characteristic of this writer is her bias to simple people. Thus, she takes the nectar from simple people and makes good art. All greetings and love from me to Lubna. I am quite confident that she will make a great writer in the future.

3. Writer {Mahfouz Abdel Rahman}, wrote:
First experience is always critical. It introduces us to people but at the same time put us in dilemma as it is difficult to really know writers from their first experienceunless thw writer is really innovative like Lubna Yassin in her first story “Against the Tide”. Certainly, when she writes her second collection of stories, she will be more firmly established. She currently has significant capacities and the story which topped her collection “Saber’s Death” (Mawt Saber), has categorized her among the well-established writers. It is the first and most beautiful collection.

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