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 Gibran Khalil Gibran 1883-1931

Poet, philosopher, and artist, was born in the Lebanese countryside.
His fame and influence spread far beyond his native Lebanon. He is mostly known as the author of the Prophet, and widely regarded as a man of the East who brought a much needed element of spirituality to the West.

The millions of Arabic-speaking people familiar with his writings in that language consider him the genius of his age.
His poetry has been translated into more than twenty languages.

His drawings and paintings have been exhibited in the great capitals of the world.

The Prophet and his other books of poetry, illustrated with his mystical drawings, are known and loved by innumerable people who find in them an expression of the deepest impulses of man's heart and mind.

   A selection of his  works are : 

Eye of  the Prophet  
Drawn from Gibran's prose, poetry and letters, The Eye of the Prophet is a source of enlightenment and reflection to guide readers through daily life. Gibran skillfully weaves Christian, Moslem, and Buddhist ideals into a great spiritual tapestry that overcomes cultural divisions. 

Jesus the son of Man 
 The book is magic!  In this work, Gibran's words are sheer poety  reminiscent of his great work "The Prophet". Rare are the authors who could come so close to revealing the essence that was Jesus, in such a masterful way. A treasure to savour. 

Gibran Love Letters 
May Ziadah was one of the foremost writers of Arabic literature in this century: her correspondence with author Kahil Gibran led to love and reflections on life which are here presented via their letters. Gibran fans will want to place this high on their reading lists. 
Deep, serene, it will definitely touch your heart. 
  The Prophet 
Originally published in 1932, this book has become one of the most beloved classics of our time and has sold millions of copies. 

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