Dr. Khalid Shibib

Khalid Shibib

Family name: Shibib
First name: Khalid
Date of birth: 11 February 1947 in Jaffa-Palestine
Nationality: German
Telephone: +00 49163 92 523 29
E-mail: Khalidswork@yahoo.com
Address Köln (Cologne) Germany

Dr. Khalid Shibib was born 1947 in Jaffa, Palestine. Following a short schooling in Damascus-Syria, he grew up in Baghdad where he graduated as medical doctor from University of Baghdad in 1969.

In the early seventies he published a small poetry book named “Ana El Qaid” (I am the chain) including some romantic, philosophical and political poems. In this period he started working with the Palestine Red Crescent Society PRCS which became his political home.

Between 1977-1987 he continued postgraduate studies in Neurosurgery at the Martin-Luther-University in Halle in Germany and got his doctor degree at the Free University of Berlin. He collected clinical experience mainly in Iraq and some Arab countries with the Palestine Red Crescent (PRCS).
He then worked for almost 20 years at the emergency department at the World Health Organization Headquarters in Geneva. In this capacity, he supported operations in and visited many countries affected by crisis in Middle East, Africa and Asia. Since retirement in February 2009, he has undertaken missions to Liberia, Pakistan, Iraq (from Jordan), Kirgizstan, Libya and Syria.


Basic professional education:
1963/1969 Medical College, Baghdad University, Iraq, MBBCH

Additional qualification:
1977-1980 Postgraduate Specialization, Martin Luther University, Halle/ Saale,GDR
1987 Doctor Degree (Neuroscience) , Free University of Berlin

The Author has several publications in the field of neuroscience. He is Co-author of many other publications in Neuroscience and public health. Recently, he published a novel in Arabic language titled: A hospital in Homs. The novel is about personal, humanitarian health issues in a war affected city, tinged with political elements. Translation to English is planned.

Arabic, English, German and working French

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