Karim Fadali
كريم فضالي

karim fadali
Karim Fadali was born in a Casablanca of European expats. A grand cinema, three dust-collecting used bookstores, a Vietnamese restaurant, an Aikido dojo, a massive Cathedral complete with adjoining Virgin Marie’s cave, an inconspicuous synagogue, kosher salami, spaguetti with Halal meatballs and seven-veggie couscous -for twenty- defined and flavored his childhood. Aquarian book worm, surfer wanna-be, accidental yoga teacher, Zen enthusiast, and shamanic seeker, he now writes, as prescribed by the witch doctor, to reconcile the inner-calling of his pagan-colored storytelling ancestry with the side effects of an early uncensored overexposure to twentieth century pop-culture.
After a great deal of unavoidable trouble making, a memorably humid elongated stay in Florida, he currently walks and reads in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Esperanza (Paperback)

Karim Fadali

Passion, a dead-end marriage, a guilty mother, a lost son, a haunting dream, a strange mural, an isolated village, two broken hearts, an old man traveling with the wind, and a great deal of magic are some of the colorful ingredients used in the making of Esperanza -a multi-generational, multi-cultural lovers' tale, stretching over the twentieth century, bridging East and West, Nature and Magic...

Eleven years ago, Yasmine and Youssef met on an unforgettable summer afternoon, at a remote beach, some twenty five miles outside of Casablanca -their city. Falling for each other, they believed that their love was 'Maktoub,' meant to be, written in the book of Fates. Unfortunately, they were young and from two very different worlds. She was born to comfort and ease, while he belonged to a life where penury and hardship were common commodities. Their relationship was simply one that would not be tolerated -especially once Yasmine's mother got involved.

Today, however, the tides shift. Esperanza, in a forgotten beach on the coast of Andalusia, awakens. A traveler named Paulo Aduro appears...