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Elfaqeeh is one of the well known authors in  Libya and abroad, and he has been on the intellectual scene for the most part of the last four decades, however, his production did not continue throughout that period. He started as a journalist sometime in the early 1960s by writing in the local newspapers, and it is  believed it was around 1965 that he wrote his first short story. So he started as a short story writer which had an impact on his abilities later on. He was so late to start writing novels the best of which he published only two three years ago in a three volume series. In that, he followed his own experience in life by retelling his own story and how he reached what he has reached. This is usually the safest way to write a novel where imagination does not play too big a role, and the author is in full control over his characters in the novel. This kind of writing belongs to the practical school of writing or, more precisely, the pragmatic school to which Naguib Mahfouz, the Egyptian belongs so does Abdelrahman Mouneef. 

Elfaqeeh established himself first as a journalist, a feature that continued to make itself evident in his writings. His three parts novel was published by AL-Rays which is a very important step for any one from a country like Libya to be marketed to the rest of the Arab world. The three parts series was titled as follows: Hadehi Hoodod Mamlekaty ( These are the borders of my kingdom), Nafiq Toudeho Emraton Waheda (A tunnel lit by one woman) and EHEBOUKI MADENTOUN ACHORA( I give another city). As  mentioned earlier,  he followed his own footsteps from Tripoli in the late 1960s to London via Egypt and then back. He left the country for education, and through this novel he tried to give some kind of detailed account of the life in all those places  he has lived . This is the most interesting part of the whole story.Given the fact that he was such an active person; the way he sees life in the 1960s and early 1970, and even before that, is quite interesting for it highlights points of simple things that are often missed by historians, and the like. Elfaqeeh also contributed to the Libyan Radio and TV a number of programs. Of late he started to write in some Arabic publications abroad and the arab world.

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