Ben Majen


Ben Younes MAJEN was born in Oujda in Morocco
He has been writing poetry since 1964 . He is currently living and working in London.
Majen has published six collections of poetry.He writes in Arabic, French and English. 
He holds a MA in translation studies from the University of Westminster in

His Publications:

In Arabic:
Anashid lil-dabab, London, 1988
Masamat, Dar al-Hadathah, Beyrut, 1993
Li-madha la-yamut al-bahr, Dar 'Ishtar, Cairo, 2002

In French:
Cahier d'un Immigre, Editic, Paris, 1994
Brisures d'Ombres, Editions des Ecrivains, Paris, 1998
Voleurs de Terres, Editions Oujda, London, 2003

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