Amani El-Taweel

Amani El-Taweel
Amani El-Tawil, is the expert of African Affairs, Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, and Director of the Women’s Program. She has contributed to presenting many workshops and conferences on political developments in Africa in general and Sudan in particular. That was done in the center and a number of intellectual centers in the Arab world in general and in Egypt and Sudan in particular. She has also organized a number of workshops on the Status of Women in Egypt and the Arab world. In addition, she organized a number of training courses for capacity building of journalists and staff in the study centers and officials of Sudan Studies.

Previously she worked as a Consultant for the United Nations in Sudan 2005 – 2006 and a visiting professor at George Washington University, Washington, the United States 2009 – 2010. She is also an Adviser to the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

She has taught the political history of Sudan and a number of African countries in Ain Shams University 2004 – 2006
She published two books on the condition of women in Egypt – a study of the representation levels in leadership positions, Center of studies – and the political role of the Egyptian elite, Al-Sherouk Egypt publishing house.
She also published several chapters in the Arab Strategic Report, and the economic strategic report, issued by the Center in addition to the strategic report published by the Center for African Studies – Cairo University.

Amani El-Tawil is a member of the Egyptian Council for African Affairs and a Board member of the Center for Sudanese Studies – Institute of African Studies, University of Cairo.
Amani El-Tawil holds a Ph.D. from the University of Ain Shams.cairo

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  1. Hi Dr Amani,
    Welcome to Sydney Australia, my name is Safwat Elbanna
    Chairman of the Australian Egyptian Friendship Association INC, I received an invitation from AECF to attend your proposed lecture on the 28th June, it will be my pleasure to attend.
    Being in Australia for more than 40 years I am one of the largest supporter of our President, and also very concerned about our motherland matters.
    If you wish to know more about me you are welcome to visit my Facebook page, or you can go to Googol and put my name Safwat Elbanna – the same as I did to know about you. Once again welcome, I look forward to seeing you on the 28th June.
    Safwat Elbanna JP
    Australian Egyptian Friendship Association INC
    Harvey World Travel Cairo Egypt
    Egypt Reservation Centre Australia

  2. The Egyptians appreciate Roles witch their brother and sisters doing abroad to support Egypt in all crucial issues
    I was very pleased to meet you at the El Eftaar which was organised by Australian Egyptian forum , and I spent a lovely time among Egyptians who love of home land , I hope meeting in Australia and Egypt in order to support our home

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