Ali Al-Mokri


A Yemeni Poet and Journalist
Born in Homra, Taiz on 29 Aug. 1966.
He has a Diploma in Rays and  special training courses in the field of Journalism
He has worked since the mid Eighties in various divisions of Journalism.
He held positions as supervisor of Cultural Division and as managing editor in many journals.
He also worked as a reporter for many Arabic and International journals and magazines.
He currently holds the following positions :
1- Member of the Editorial Form of Al- Shoura Journal
2- The Administration Secretary for The General Union of Yemeni Writers and the Editorial Secretary for Al- HICMA Magazine which is published by the Union 
3- The cultural editor of (Al-Thory ) newspaper

He has several Researches in the field of Religion and the future of Globalization.
He started writing poetry and the short story since the beginning of the Eighties He has since been dedicated to writing the Modern Poem (Prose Poem )
Al-Mokri's address: P.O. Box: 12631 Sana‚a YEMEN

A selection of his works are:

He has two Poetry collections :
- A window for Body Cairo 1987
- Repairs General Form of the Book ( Ministry of Culture - Sana‚a ) 1999
Books For Publishing :
- The Wine in Islam It is about the problem of forbidding and legalizing wine in Islam
- The Religions and Globalization A future view for the role of  religions in Globalization.
- The Tree of Cement  Poetry Collection

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