Ali A. Soliman
د. علي سليمان

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Dr. Ali A. Soliman.
Economist and Writer.

Dr. Ali soliman was born in Egypt, 1945. He was educated in Cairo, Holland, and USA where he received a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Iowa in 1975. He is married and has three grown children.

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Dr. Soliman has wide experience in banking, academic teaching and government service. His last formal employment was as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, the Islamic Corporation for Development of the Private Sector (ICD), Nov. 2001- Sept. 2007. ICD is an international organization whose Articles of Association are ratified by 48 countries. It is the private sector arm of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group. It aims to promote and finance private sector projects in member countries. The Corporation was established in 1999 with an authorized capital of US$ 1000 million.
He also served as Senior Undersecretary, Ministry of International Cooperation, Cairo, Egypt; September 1996- November 2001.
And as Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and International Cooperation, Egypt,
Nov. 1992- Sept.1996.

Professional Activities:
Dr. Soliman is a member of the Economics Committee of the Higher Council for Culture of Egypt, Sept. 2007- and Member of the Economic Council of the National Academy of Sciences, Egypt, 1999-He is also member of numerous other professional and culture associations.
Books in Arabic:
1- Travels in the Shadow of the Crescent, Trips in Africa and Asia, Dar El-Elm Lil Malayin, Beirut, 2005.
2- Foreign Economic Relations of Egypt: Status and Future Horizons until 2020, Dar El-Shorouk, Cairo, 2005.
3- Role of the Private Sector in Arab Economic and Social Development, Co-editor, Institute of National Planning, Cairo, 2004.
4- The Role of Private Sector in Economic development of Egypt, Center for the Study of Developing Countries, Cairo University, 2000.
5- Arab Economic Cooperation: An Essay on the Need for Reassessment, Al-Ahram Al-Iktissadi Book, No. 50, April 1992.
6- A Study of the Egyptian Entrepreneur (Rowad Al-Sina'a), (Cairo: Aalem El-Kotob), 1991.
7- Resolution of the Economic Crisis (Al-Khorouj min Al Azmah), Essays on Economic and Social Policies in Egypt, (Cairo: Aalem El-Kotob), 1989.

1- "Egyptian Industrialization in the First Half of the 20th Century," a five part series of articles, Al-Ahram Al-Iktisadi, October-November 1986.
2- "Oil and the Service Sector in the Arab World", Oil and Arab Development in the 1990's, Institute of Arab Research and Studies, Cairo, Egypt, 1993.
3- "The Egyptian Entrepreneur in the Nineties," L' Egypte Contemporaine, April 1992.
4- "The Impact of the Uruguay Round Agreements on the Egyptian Economy,"Al-Siyassa Al-Daolyya, April 1994.
5- "The New World Economic Order and the Service Sector in the Arab Countries," The Proceedings of the19th Conference of Egyptian Economists, Dec. 1995.
6- "Economic Reform and Privatization in Egypt: An Agenda for Market Revitalization," India and Egypt in the Post Cold War World, A Comparative Paradigm, The Proceedings of the First Egyptian - Indian Conference, Center for Asian Studies, Cairo University, 1996, in English.
7- "Issues of Privatization and Market Transformation in Egypt," Al-Ahram Strategic Papers, May 1996, in Arabic and English.
8- "Private Investment Incentives in Egypt: An Analytical Comparative Study," L' Egypte Contemporaine, No. 445, Jan. 1997.

In addition to numerous public affairs articles and essays.

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