Gaza Diary

These messages are from a friend in Gaza who asked not to be named.
They are published without editing.
The two photos are from AP and Reuters.

Gaza Saturday 12 July 2014.
Early in the morning, Israeli jets raided on A Society for handicapped was targeted last night. 3 handicapped young women were killed and 3 were severely burnt, but rushed to a local hospital. All casualties were females!

Yes, last night they conducted an air raid once every three minutes!

gaza shjaia massacre
More than 60 Palestinian civilians were killed and 400 were injured, early morning in Shajaia neighborhood of Gaza – July 20

Gaza today 20 July 2014
Genocide in Shajayyah east of Gaza. 13 dead and 200 injured mostly women and children, could be evacuated. Fire brigades and ambulances are targeted when they attempt to evacuate the dead! There are dead bodies in the streets!

Israel artillery shells indiscriminately everywhere in a thickly populated neighborhood. They also targeted homes by F16 bombers over its tenants. In one raid two women and two girls were killed … Many homes were burnt by the Israeli shelling which has been going on for more than 24 hours or more. Ambulances and Fire Brigades are targeted when they approach to evacuate the dead and injured.

Israeli forces revenges indiscriminately on civilians. Their aircrafts and artillery hit so crowded old areas. The Israeli army informed all media and journalists to stop their coverage of the situation in Gaza, but stay in their hotels or residences!

Gaza today; 21 July 2014.

Dozens of thousands of Palestinians could escape their lives after the Israeli indiscriminate shelling over Shejaeeah neighborhood, one of the oldest and poorest places in Gaza city. It is also thickly populated and over crowded part of Gaza city. Those thousands resorted either to stay with relatives, or. most likely, they stay at UNRWA school as shelters without any beds or clothes, so far. In there, some 75 aged, women and children have been reported killed and more than 420 have been admitted to hospitals for injuries. Death tool is subject to rise as there are areas that ambulances and Fire Brigades cannot reach because of the Israeli sippers and artillery shelling! The place looks as if it was hit by an earthquake!

Unfortunately, most of the mainstream international media is biased to Israel. They keep on a broken Israeli record that they are fighting terrorism!

7/29, 5:40am

I am okay. Last night was the worst since
Israel started its offensive!!! They hit hard on civilians after they lost in the battle field. They admitted death of 10 soldiers! They
bombed fuel tanks of the Central Electricity Generator for Gaza city.
They dropped lights on Gaza city for three hours dozens of lights and they demolished more than ten building in air strikes. We did not get electricity for 24 hours. This is a small generator to bump up water to a tank. They demolished more than 10 homes in air raids.
You may post if you like but without my name please.

Tuesday 7/29,

It is still unconfirmed who can get in any kind of aids to Gaza. Rafah border crossing is the only way into Gaza. Egypt has been closing it for month except for individuals holders of Western passports only to leave from Gaza! Banks do not accept any money transfer from or into Gaza. Private companies of money exchange are not permitted to transfer money as well. Israeli aircrafts targeted 4 or 5 of those companies.
Last night 2 Palestinian media reporters were killed by Israeli raids. One of them was walking in a street with his little daughter.
If you like to post please do without my name.

bombed gaza UN school
Palestinians search for victims in a classroom at Abu Hussein U.N. school in Jebaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza, after tank shells tore it apart killing 15 men, women and children and injuring more than 100

Thursday 31 July 2014
We have been without electricity for 80 hours so far. This is a generator to bump up water to the tank on top pf building. There are about 50 displaced people named inside apartment with their relatives in the building. I am okay so far.

We have been without electricity for 79 hours so far. This is a generator to bump up water to the tank on top pf building. There are about 50 displaced people named inside apartment with their relatives in the building.
Israeli radio said: Today we ht 70 targets in Gaza!
Dozens of civilians have been killed today.
I am okay so far.

Friday August 1
We have been 94 hours without any electricity after the Israelis targeted the Power Plant and its fuel reservoir. This contact goes through a small generator we used to pump up water to a tank over the building for a daily use. There is no water from the mainline service, but we are lucky as we own an underground water well. This is not available to everyone in the city. 5000
displaced people from Shejayah stay in very bad conditions in 4 UNRWA school next block! At Al Azhar University of Gaza two campuses there are other thousands of displaced people! Next block to the university there are 3 UNRWA schools jammed with displaced people. There is an UNRWA  school for the blind. Its also occupied by a thousand of displaced. All those I mentioned are within one square kilometer area including our building.
In our building there is about 50 people escaped from Shejayah to jam themselves in apartments with their relatives. In the
next door building there is also 50 or more of displaced escaped their lives from Beit Hanoun village to stay with their relatives! Those people live in miserable situation with shortages of water sometime, electricity sometimes, peace of mind all the times! There are people who found nowhere to go! Thus, they stay in public gardens and in hospitals yards! This is a snapshot of the humanitarian situation. Meantime, in this period of bloody war, Gaza Strip Palestinian women gave birth to 1400 babies!

Israeli annihilation will never succeed! When UN humanitarian ceasefire was declared this morning, ambulances, paramedics, and fire brigades were sent to the border areas! In Khuzaa, they found dead decayed bodies. In one case, medical groups found whole
families killed. Of the most heartbreaking is a family shot dead in a bathroom; they all decayed! Blatant war crime to be added to all the crimes that the Israeli army committed. There are whole families that were killed by air bombing on homes of civilians. They also targeted ambulances. One ambulance driver, 62 years of age, was shot dead, 4 paramedics and 10 media reporters were killed! More than 3470 Palestinian have been killed including more or less 50% women and children. More than 8000 have been injured, among them were people amputated or turned into handicapped! More than 3000 homes and building have been destroyed by air raids of F16 bombers. UN claimed ceasefire is fake. In 2 hours, 8 Palestinians have been killed in the first 2 hours
of this cease fire. Israeli snipers hunt anyone when they can shoot them! Israel does not respect the whole world! Israel is a state of blood thirsty leader and political parties! I do not expect the ceasefire to hold on for a long time. sporadic Right now, there is a
shelling in Rafah and other places. 8 Palestinians have been killed by Israelis in the past 2 hours! Media activists are traced and targeted by Israeli drones. 10 activists and reporters have been killed so far.

3:49am Gaza: Saturday 2nd August 2014.
The Israeli army shells indiscriminately on Rafah after missing their army officer yesterday. They threatened the surgery hospital in Rafah to evacuate; al-Najjar hospital moved its patients and staff to the gynecology and maternity hospital in the town. Accordingly, there are patients with serious injuries need to be taken to surgery hospitals.
Air raids did not stop all night targeting mosques and homes of civilians. There are whole families died under rubble in Rafah; among those there were 8 from Zorob family, and others.

Gaza  later on 2nd Aug., 2014

I have been without electricity for almost 130 hours so far. I only use a generator run by fuel to get power for light and for pumping up water to a tank on top of the building. Sometimes I cannot do that, thus, I buy bottled water from a small grocery nearby my building! This generator helps me contact with my friends all over the world.

The Israeli army redeploys its units in more than one place on Gaza border, but shelling and air raid is still main activities of that army. Major atrocities and crimes have been committed by that army. For example, they raid on homes when its dwellers are there, they whole extended families have been killed. Zoroub extended family lost 25 members including women, children, elderly and young people! That army threatened al-Najjar surgery hospital to evacuate and close down. That hospital moved to stay in the gynecology and maternity hospital and another small private hospital with small capacities! This situation has lead to accumulate the dead bodies in body bags on the floor of the hospital. Some other  called upon the people to come over to recognize the bodies of their sons and daughters to take them for burial. In the middle of confusion, the Israeli army gives phone calls to all citizens of Rafah to stay at homes or else they will be shot or targeted by the army. In other words, the Israeli army declared all Rafah a closed military zone! Situation is horrible! This is only one story of everyone in Rafah in the past 48 hours!

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