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quarter gram

“1/4 Gram” is a 648-page Social Novel, which is based on a true story.
Plot Line: Salah, the narrator, tells the story of a group of friends who try a quarter gram for the first time during a party on New Year’s Eve.

And the question is: What did the quarter gram do to this group of friends for 10 years and more?

Goal: The book creates a new understanding and perception about addiction. Provides a source of hope for addicts and their families.

April 12 was the Official Launch of “1/4 Gram” at the Headquarters of the Arab League.

In one month, 1/4 Gram is # 1 in all Major Bookstores:
April 8: # ONE – in Virgin Mega Stores.
April 14: # ONE - in Diwan Bookstore.
April 18: # ONE – in Kotob Khan, Maadi.

June 8: #ONE in Virgin Mega stores’ Bestsellers update

June 9: # ONE in a poll conducted by "Al Mal" newspaper. The poll was drawn according to the sales figures of (Diwan Bookstores / Al Sherouk Bookstores/ Al Kotob Khan Bookstore / Al Balad Bookstore / Omar Bookstores).

October 28: The Inner Wheel - Rotary Club Kasr El Nil, rewarded and honored Mr. Essam Youssef for his Novel "1/4 Gram" and also for his efforts in helping the society.

By December, 2008:
12 editions, and a special edition for Virgin Megastores, have been printed from “1/4 Gram”, in the duration of around 8 months.
Translation into English is going with high speed.
The writer Mr. Essam Youssef has been contacted by a Publishing Company in Greece to gain the rights of translating and publishing “1/4 Gram” in Greek language, opening up new doors to help carrying the message to more and more people all over the world.



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