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quarter gram

Amr Hamed Koura (Egypt) wrote
at 3:37pm on March 29th, 2008

This is a must read for all parents as well as young people who have to be aware of the dangers of addiction and the effect it has on themselves and their families.

This is a brave effort from Essam Youssef and proves to be an excellent read. I was touched by the honesty he aproached the most delicate and sensitive issues.

I hope that this book becomes a movie and a TV drama to ensure that the message will reach all those people who don't and won't read. The message here is very important.

Excellent work and thank you for facing this serious problem head on and with a lot of sensitivity and feelings.

Azza Tawfik wrote
at 8:09pm on April 3rd, 2008
I simply enjoyed a good book that tackles a noble cause…
It raised many questions in my mind though!
In addition to being a good book to read, Rob3 Gram is definitely very informative & beneficial to any one suffering from a similar problem; either by being an addict or knowing/dealing with one.
Great work… keep up the inspiration!!

Howayda Abdel Wahab (Egypt) wrote
at 3:15am on April 5th, 2008
Just can’t find the words to express my feelings towards this book...
I bought it by chance from Diwan. Immediately I started reading it just to check it out, and suddenly I found an hour and a half passed while I was still reading. In 3 days, with non stop talking about it to family, friends & colleagues I finished the book.
During those 3 days I was living completely with Salah in mind. Rushing back home after work to go back to Salah’s world.
I laughed out loud a lot, and I cried with tears a lot

Hamed Abdel Ghaffar (Egypt) wrote
at 3:10am on April 13th, 2008
Congratulations for a great launching Essam, I believe it's a very important step on a long road of carrying this message of recovery through to many who needs it not only ones who suffers and don't deserve to die from this disease, but also families and friends whom are stricken with this dilemma and it's sadness, all my support and love
Samia Ashour (Orange) wrote
at 9:05am on May 6th, 2008

Hi essam .. congrats .. rob3 gram me3adeyaaaaaaaaaaa .. i didn't finish it yet .... but it is 'one of a kind' .. seriously .. enta ragl sa7b qadeya .. it is very useful for parents & youth as well .. begad best way to fight addiction .. chapeau essam .. and keep it up :)

Dina Hosny (London) wrote
at 2:41am on May 18th, 2008

i was living in the novel till now wowwwww its so honest even stuff that happened in my school it took me in journey and took over me .
i was happy that pp can see things they never knew about thank

Sara Nassif (Armenia) wrote
at 6:32pm on May 24th, 2008

i loved the book very much...that i didnt want it to end..but we didnt know more abt ramy..and hossam -for example-
but honestly i couldnt start reading a new book after 1/4 gram..
mabrook ya essam :) keep it up ;)

Ayten Amoon wrote
at 3:15pm on June 2nd, 2008

Essam was very natural on el add a lot to our beliefs and thoughts, thank you for being so open and motivating.

Nouran Abd-Elrahman wrote
at 11:51pm on June 21st, 2008

first when i started readin 1/4 gram, it was too dificult not only cuz i am not used to reading novels, but about..... i started reacting, caring wanting to knw and here the magic started when i didnt wanna stop readin and always wanted to know wuts next... i over came the well known idea of that it must sm1's or smthn's fault...nooo its not... my idea has been changed and thank GOD it has..more importantly cuz i was being introduced to a world that i knew nthn

Somaya Hafez wrote
at 9:26pm on July 11th, 2008

Dear Essam.. you have always been different and today you prove you are special.. Great, courageous, different, ambitious, are words to describe you and the book.. Have heard about the book from everyone and how impressive and true.. All the best to you and hope to see you soon..
Tamer Mahmoud wrote
at 1:33pm on July 14th, 2008

i laughed, i cried, i felt every single thing you said Essam....i wished during reading the novel never ends.
i will read it again and again. i will tell everyone to read it ...its a masterpiece. finally i would like to say that you are a genious and god bless you.

keep it up and i will be waiting for your next novel
one last thing deliver the readers regards to SALAH (SASO)

Iman Hosni (Egypt) wrote
at 2:21pm on August 21st, 2008
almost done reading
the sufferings of addicts are very true, i like the sequence, well built, with a good base.
hats off for you and for the person with a courage to tell the world about his deepest mean and selfish acts, this story unlike anything i ever read or watched, it made me cry several times during the story, it made me shiver and most importantly it made me feel the character and enjoy his good times and suffer for his bad ones.

Manal Esmat Khayat (Egypt) wrote
at 5:55am on September 5th, 2008

This is the best book i ever read i finished reading it today it took me 4 days and i couldn't leave it from my hands it made me cry and laugh, and i don't know what i am going to do without it i really start to miss Salah

Thank you MR. Essam Youssef

Tarek Hatem (Egypt) wrote
at 4:50pm on September 7th, 2008

i just finished reading the book right tooks from me 3 days to finish it....its really awesome and full of beautiful emotions....and u just get so much related to the guys in the novel,(salah...bahaa...ramy..ramy's father....all of them).....thx a lot MR.essam for this great novel ,and for letting us know about this secret world wiz all its details and how these poeple really suffer and how we should look to them not as criminals but as poeple who need help....
I just wished that MARIAM gave SALAH a last chance...:))

Cathy Saleeb wrote
at 9:42pm on October 15th, 2008
Dear Sir,
I dunno how to actually thank u for such a gr8 book n a great read...i read the whole book in less than a week..its really capturing.
I felt the pain,the regret,the urge...everything. It touched me and it actually made me see addicts in a whole new light..
Thank u for ur msg,for ur effort to convey the msg to the youth..
i do see addicts everyday in my line of work,n i do thank u n ur book for making me understand the whole situation more than before..for giving me at least some insight in their heads n hearts.
Thank u sir for such a book n thank u for doing it perfectly



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