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In October members of our Readers Club received 

The Gypsy and Youssef the Storekeeper 
A novel by Edward el-Kharrat


For readers in English and French we suggest his book Girls of Alexandria.

See our Readers Club Archives 
for previous selections, discussions and authors' responses.

Further reading

Author's Homepage
Our Culture And Its Relation With Power And Legacy article by Edward el-Kharrat in English
Girls of Alexandria  book review by Ahmed Shablool
Le Cri de l'unicorne  Poetry translated into French by Djamal Si-Larbi

Interviews with the author
The Gypsy and Youssef the Store Keeper  Mahmoud Wardani
I wished to be a Painter Sameh Sami
Good Literature targets one virtual reader Hani Darwish

The Gypsy and the Storekeeper

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