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In January  members of our Readers Club received 
A Naughty Boy Called Antar  Mohamed Tawfik's new novel Dar Miret September 2003

The book is available in Arabic only.
For readers in English  we recommend 
The Day the Moon Fell and Offshoots VI 

A Naughty boy called Antar

While employing the genre of a fast moving thriller, the author attempts to uncover the intricate dilemmas of Egyptian society. He deploys an original structure with multiple layers and plot lines and does not shy from mixing genres. The end product blends social satire with metaphysics, political analysis with suspense, comedy with intellectual stimulation. 

Not subscribed to the readers club?
You can still order it during January  
special offer $4.50
Special price in LE for addresses inside Egypt. 

For readers in English :
The book has now been published in English under the title Murder in the Tower of Happiness

The Day the Moon Fell    
short stories - Price $7
This volume attests to the author's fresh uncompromising art. After all, is there a foe deadlier than mediocrity? 

Offshoots VI 
A biennial review of prose and poetry published by the Geneva Writers Group. It features works - in English - by 37 writers from 16 countries including stories by two of our member authors, Jaqueline Cooper and Mohamed Tawfik. 
Price 10 swiss franks

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Naughty boy called Antar

Day the Moon Fell


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Book Reviews in arabic
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Exposing rampant corruption in modern society by Ahmed Shablool
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