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In August members of our Readers Club received 
Mohamed Tawfik's short story collections
 in Arabic
The Day the Moon Fell in English

Both English and  Arabic collections are available to non-members.

Tawfik writes in both languages and brilliantly bridges the gap between cultures. The translation into English was only for the stories originally written in Arabic.

Agamyste   In Arabic 

A collection of short stories - Cairo- Dar el-Fikr el-Arabi 1997 136 pages
Three of the stories are part of the English collection The Day the Moon Fell

special offer $4

Special price in LE for addresses inside Egypt. 

Buy now and join our discussions

Or join the readers club and get our  selections every month
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The Day the Moon Fell   in English 
Translated by A.Amin
Cairo- Dar el-Fikr el-Arabi 1997
short stories
176 pages Price $7

All but two of the stories of the collection Agamyste in Arabic, are included in this English translation entitled The Day the Moon Fell. The latter title has  been studied in 1989 in the comparative literature department in George Town University.

Further reading

The Author's homepage       in English
An Interview with the author   in Arabic

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