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From Salah Jahin's Angham Sebtembariya 
written following the death of President Gamal Abdel-Nasser

Translated by Amina Elbendary 

The film stopped, frozen 
Now we can ponder the image 
No detail missing. 
Everything speaks, articulate 
wordless, voiceless. 
The instant death pushed down -- 
gentle yet omnipotent, one desultory day -- 
On a button in this kingdom 
The film stopped, frozen. 

Let the projectionist rewind the scene 
I want to see myself in the old days -- young 
among the ranks of the revolution -- proud, 
Impressed by neither king nor father 
I want to see again and remember 
Why one of my blows hit, 
one of them missed 
And one stopped the film, froze it. 

The projectionist said: No return 
Live as long as you have breath enough to live 
And look and see. 
Where the young sit -- row after row -- 
Where the young sit in the cinema whistling 
No stopping. 
Where the young sit there are a thousand million 
Impressed by neither king nor father. 
Look at them 
And you will remember