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2002 Selections

2001 Selections

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 In March members of our Readers Club received 
Um Kolthoum diva of Arabic song
Dr. Ratiba el-Hefni  
Um Kolthoum diva of Arabic song
in Arabic   256 pages 

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2002 Selections
2001 Selections

Um Kolthoum diva of Arabic song

Composed of an introduction, 6 chapters + a set of quotes by Um kolthoum + selection of what some have said about her.

The Chapters:

Chapter 1: Her childhood and artistic coming of age.

Chapter 2: Details of all those who composed for her, how they met, their relationship etc.

Chapter 3:  Um Kolthoum and poetry

Chapter 4: Her singing style

Chapter 5: Her different modes for song, her movies, unknown songs, awards etc.

Chapter 6: Um Kolthoum and history (details of her marriages, kolthoum during the Egyptian kingdom, the revolution era, with Asmahan with abdelhalim hafez etc.)

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