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2001 Selections

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 In June members of our Readers Club received 
  Nizar Qabbani On Love
written by Abelaziz Sharaf and Mahmoud el-Hindi
The book is available in Arabic only 
His On Entering the Sea is available in English

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Nizar Qabbani On Love   Published in 2000
In Arabic 

special offer 3$   
Special price in LE for addresses inside Egypt. 

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2002 Selections
2001 Selections

For Readers in English, we suggest:

On Entering the Sea : The Erotic and Other Poetry of Nizar Qubbani
by Lena Jayyusi-Translator
Paperback - March 1996
For reviews on this book please check Further Reading 

Further reading

The Author's homepage   in English 
Editorial Review, On Entering the Sea in English
A selection of Nizar's Poetry  in Arabic
A selection of Nizar's Poetry  in English

Editorial Review from Booklist

Qabbani, reputed to be the most popular poet in the Arab world, is certainly one of the greatest love poets of all time, as he follows the noble path of Kahlil Gibran. Although wonderfully prolific and internationally renowned, Damascus-born Qabbani has been all but unavailable in English translations in the U.S. This beautiful collection rectifies that situation. The volume's introduction asserts that Qabbani is a heroic champion of women's rights who, by equating beauty and eroticism with liberty and justice, and celebrating women in all their strength and glory, challenges in his poetry his culture's cruel repression of women. In his classically passionate poems, poems as bright as flowers and as caressing as a pool of water, Qabbani declares that to be female is to be holy. This is a sweet message for any woman, but especially for Arabian women, who are viewed as the property of their male relatives. Whether he's writing of love or war, Qabbani achieves a mythic dimension. Donna Seaman

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