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Veronica Carvajal

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Arab World Books and ACT Writers' Poetry Evening in Australia

veronica carvajal


Veronica Carvajal
Veronica Carvajal is a Sydney poet and writer, currently working on her novel In the Twilight of the Gods.She is a world citizen who was born in Mexico city.Her poem "God of gods" was commissioned by the Australian Friends of the Library of Alexandria and was read in Egypt the summer of 2007 during the Library's annual celebration. The poem was read in Canberra by Fenella Edwards a Canberran poet and musician.

God of gods

By Veronica Carvajal

read by Fenella Edwards

God of Good & Evil,
the Alchemists of old
revere you.
You bathe in the Nile River by day,
the human will
its seaweed traps.
And at night the Milky Way
soothes your woes.

Light in the darkness,
shadows in the light,
you shy not from those you cast.
Your image lies
reflected in the Cedar’s might,
in the ringing of the crystal bowl:
the sacred quartz
played in the chambers
of the pyramids of Gods.

Our radiance reflect,
our double unveil.
Keeper of the pyramids divine.
Orion & Sirius’s dance enshrine.

Would that I could
borrow your dreams.

fenella edwards

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